Although I’ve really been enjoying all the scoop you’ve been posting from Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards, I couldn’t help but notice that we haven’t heard anything from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Kat Graham, who I know for a fact was in attendance! Any reason why? — Jess
The TV Addict: Simply put, much like her stunning dress, Graham was holding her cards a little too close to the vest when it came to sharing season three spoilers. Well, except to reveal that there is one thing we’re fairly certain she won’t be worrying about when it comes to what’s in store for Bonnie during the third season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. That thing of course being: Death! “Technically, I already died in the second season finale, so I’m not too worried,” joked Graham when asked if she was at all concerned with Jeremy’s history of dearly-departed girlfriends. “Plus, it certainly helps that the characters have such a huge fan base rooting for them.”

Any word on what creator Marc Cherry has up his sleeve for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES traditional season long mystery this fall? — Zoe
The TV Addict: Not so much of a word, as an inkling that said mystery might have a little something to do with the newest arrival on the lane. According to sources, Producers have quietly been on the look out for a love interest for Vanessa Williams’ Renee, who moves into town along with his out-of-control teenaged daughter to escape his crazy ex-wife who not surprisingly enough may not be too far behind.

With TRUE BLOOD’s fourth season premiere just around the corner, I’m going to need something, anything, to get me through until Sunday! — Michelle
The TV Addict: Although there’s plenty to love about Sunday’s season premiere, Stephen Moyer fans in particular will get a real kick out of the season’s second episode which flashes back all the way to London’s punk scene circa 1982 to reveal a very cool bit of backstory about Bill Compton that sheds some much needed light on the current predicament he finds himself in. Oh, and if your tastes run more towards younger, blonder Ryan Kwanten variety, you’ll be happy to know that poor Jason Stackhouse will spend the entire episode tied to a bed for reasons we’re really not about to get into here.

Any word on what’s in store for 90210 now that the much-beleaguered has two new showrunners at the helm? — April
The TV Addict: Family drama, and lots of it when Navid will not only be forced to deal with his annoying high school-aged sister (Think: Kardashian!) but will continue to deal with the fallout from his father’s exile courtesy of the arrival of an Uncle who is somewhat less than pleased with Navid’s role in destroying his family’s multi-million dollar adult video business, not to mention the lifestyle that came with it.

Anything positive to report on the Annie and Liam front? — Jenn
The TV Addict: Keeping in mind first and foremost not to shoot the messenger, we have absolutely nothing positive to report on the Annie and Liam front. Seriously. Things could not be worse for 90210’s most adorable couple who by all accounts will start off the season further apart than ever thanks in no small part to a mysterious young woman who followed Liam back from his summer job working on a fishing boat in Alaska, and an equally mysterious upper classmen at California University who may-or-may-not have befriended Annie for all the wrong reasons.

Is Nancy’s lesbian affair serious, or just another desperate ratings ploy on behalf of Showtime to promote WEEDS? — Brenda
The TV Addict: If you my friend are actually going as far as to accuse a Network of using a gay/lesbian storyline in a half-hearted attempt to boost ratings ploy, we have nothing more to say to you then…. has anyone told you that you may have what it takes to be a Network Executive?! Of course on a more serious note, while Nancy’s jailhouse tryst is being somewhat blown out of proportion by Showtime’s salivating PR team, it’s only fair to mention that her Russian cell mate Zoya (Olga Sosnovska) may in fact hold the key to a fresh start when Nancy is inevitably released from prison. Literally.

With rumors running rampant with regards to several romantic interests in Annie Walker’s life as the second season of COVERT AFFAIRS unfolds, I would love some intel on which suitor she’ll choose. — David
The TV Addict: With as many as four men ensnared by the luminous CIA beauty, ranging from the mysterious Ben Mercer to the dashing Auggie to the bad boy Jai Wilcox and to suave Mossad agent Eyal Lavin, Annie Walker’s dance card is very full and it is enough to keep a girl dancing all season long.  But one thing is for certain, one of these contenders for her heart will be given a gentle kiss goodbye as Annie leaves him standing alone on the tarmac.

Loved Loved Loved Sunday’s two-hour premiere of FALLING SKIES. So much so that I have to ask, is Tom going to successfully be able to rescue his son Ben? — Allison
The TV Addict: Although it should probably come as no surprise that Tom’s operation to rescue son Ben will not be an easy one, what certainly might come as a surprise is the price at least one member of Tom’s team will pay in saving Ben’s life. What’s more, saving (or not saving) Ben’s life may just be the start of a far more insidious problem.

Additional Reporting By Tiffany Vogt and Melissa Girimonte