iSpy: Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Set of COVERT AFFAIRS

As mentioned during last week’s article featuring interviews from the set of COVERT AFFAIRS, the entire experience was simply an extraordinary opportunity to peek behind the curtain of a show that takes viewers to the most exotic and exciting of locations each week. But as fun as it was to enter the fictional world of COVERT AFFAIRS, it was just as exciting to see where, not to mention how, they bring the show to life. Which is why we thought we’d share a handful of candid photos taken during the set visit, including great pictures of some behind-the-scenes action, photos with the cast and crew, and snap-shots of the sets that make up the remarkable world of COVERT AFFAIRS. See for yourself after the jump.

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  • Covert Affairs is one of the best new shows on television. I love all aspects of the show, it’s fun, dramatic, adventurous, etc. etc. Piper is really good as Annie.