Ask the Addict: Spoilers for SUPERNATURAL, TRUE BLOOD, NIKITA, 90210 & More!

As a 90210 fan who is still reeling from Naomi’s unexpected pregnancy reveal at the end of last season, I’m curious if you have any ideas as to just how the show plans on dealing with it come season 4? — Allie
The TV Addict: Assuming of course new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen bother to stick with last season’s somewhat out of left field baby bump bombshell, we can assure you that the pregnancy will have very little effect on Naomi. At least if the first two episodes of the season are any indication, which according to reports will not just see Naomi continue to be the life of the party, but do so in a manner that will catch the attention of both the authorities and the Dean of California University. Ouch!

Season 7 of SUPERNATURAL cannot come soon enough! Any scoop? — Noam
The TV Addict: Entitled “The Girl Next Door,” SUPERNATURAL’s much anticipated seventh season will kick off by not just introducing fans to an old flame friend of Sam’s, but will flashback to Sam and Dean’s teenage years where we’ll meet, as the episode’s title suggests, the girl next door… a beautiful girl who in typical SUPERNATURAL fashion harbours a terrible, emphasis on the terrible, secret.

When we last left WAREHOUSE 13, Myka had left the Warehouse. Will she be back and how soon? — Ricky
The TV Addict: In the wacky mixed-up files of the WAREHOUSE 13 world, the dilemma over how to lure Myka back will be a rocky, but short road. More interesting still, it will take not a friend or a lover to lure Myka back, but a deadly foe. 

Sunday’s season premiere of TRUE BLOOD had far too little Joe Manganiello for my liking. Any intel on when we can expect Alcide to return? — Bittany
The TV Addict: Alcide fans will be thrilled to learn that Joe Manganiello will — at the behest of Sookie — return in a big way in TRUE BLOOD’s third episode of the season. Alcide fans will be somewhat less than thrilled to learn that when Alcide returns to Bon Temps, he will not be doing so alone.

Any hints as to who the hot new love-interest for Captain Jack in TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY? — Catherine
The TV Addict: Yes, and he is quite the eye-candy. However, it is not about who Jack ends up in bed with, but rather who Jack calls from his lover’s bed that may hold the key to Jack’s heart. But to see that scene, you’ll have to wait for Episode 3, entitled “Dead of Night” — and more than one couple ends up in the sheets that night!

What should we look out for as the 4th season of EUREKA resumes on July 11th? — Jeremy
The TV Addict: Look for a trip to outer-space, someone to get cold feet, and musical mood swings that drive everyone to do crazy things.  Mostly, keep an eye on Felicia Day who joins the show for an extended arc as the scintillating Dr. Holly Marten.

Any chance you could shed some light on a PRETTY LITTLE LIARS rumor going around that will see another woman come in between Ezra and Aria in an upcoming episode — Lisa
The TV Addict: As much as we’d like to confirm or deny the report that another girl will very soon come in between Ezra and Aria we have a feeling you’d much prefer to hear from Ezra’s portrayer Ian Harding who had this to say when posed that very question, “Well, yes [another girl will soon have an impact on Ezra and Aria’s relationship]. But that’s all I’m going to say because I think where the writers are going with this one story line is really, really interesting. So I think that we’re starting to shoot—well, actually no, I won’t say any more. I’ll just say yes and be really vague.”

Will HAVEN answer the question of who is the real Agent Audrey Parker, or will it be drug out through the second season? — Dylan
The TV Addict: The answer to that gigantic reveal from the first season will be answered within the first new episode when the show returns on July 15th.  You will not want to miss a second of that episode to see how that doppelganger situation resolves itself. 

Any word on how NIKITA plans to start its second season? — Amy
The TV Addict: Remember that quasi-romantic final shot from NIKITA’s first season finale that saw Nikita and Michael peacefully drive off into the sunset mere moments after pledging to work together to bring Percy and Division down once and for all? Well, enjoy that while you can for when NIKITA returns for its second season, their first roadblock will be a doozy. Or to be more specific, a twenty-something love interest for Alex military man who has been tasked by Oversight to help Division now fronted by Amanda track down Nikita and those pesky black boxes.

Additional Reporting By Tiffany Vogt