Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Comic Con Gripes

While there is no arguing about the magnitude of Comic Con, the annual event that sees hundreds of thousands of passionate pop culture addicts transform downtown San Diego into the world’s largest Cosplay arena, the facts are these: 120,000 attendees is a minuscule fraction of the internet audience as a whole. Which is why we constantly find ourselves scratching our head over various media outlets (Yes, you know who you are) continuous coverage leading up to the event. After-all, not only have all four days of the event already sold out months in advance making who-and-who-will-not be attending the convention a moot (or as FRIENDS’ Joey Tribbiani might put it, a “moo”) point, the media’s insistence on reporting all the big name stars who will be in attendance does little more than alienate the millions upon millions of readers who are not attending. We’re just sayin’

What’s the only thing more annoying than having to read about all the fantastic panels we won’t be attending at this summer’s Con? Listening to those covering the event take to Twitter to complain about it! Note to our brothers and sisters in arms. While we’re the first to acknowledge that you’re probably not making Matthew Weiner (MAD MEN) money covering television, it might behoove you to keep in mind that you are still getting paid to watch television and hobnob with actors for a living. Digging ditches, or flipping burgers you ain’t.

Just how overpriced is the food and drink at San Diego’s Convention Center? So much so that we’re still smarting over the ridiculous amount of money we’ve plopped down for some much-needed sustenance over the years. Suffice it to say, for those lucky enough to be attending this summer’s Con, aside from comfortable shoes, an ample supply ofPurell and something to entertain you as you sweat it out during the interminable waits to get into both Hall “H” or Ballroom 20, don’t forget to bring the most important thing of all: Snacks. (FYI: We recommend Oreo Cakesters which are both filling and delicious). Oh, and while we’re on the subject of planning, we highly recommend checking out the NiceGirls Guide to Surviving Comic Con 2011.

Although we’re the first to admit that we’ve never quite understood the appeal of Warner Bros’ enormous swag bags that do little but turn attendees into a walking advertisement, we are hesitant to knock free swag. Thus, rather than risk the wrath of the thousands of readers who would gladly trample us to death for the chance to walk away with a bag featuring Sam and Dean Winchester on it, we’ll simply implore the marketing mavens at Warner Bros. to think different. Next year, instead of ridiculously impractical novelty bags that invariably end up collecting dust in ones room the moment Comic Con ends, why not consider the far more environmental route by giving out some sort of reusable grocery bag. Just a thought.

And the fifth and final reason we’re in a somewhat perturbed mood with regards to San Diego Comic Con today… we’re not going!* Yes, despite all our complaints, there is a very good reason the annual confab in sunny San Diego sells out in mere minutes. It’s a remarkable celebration of pop culture that should most definitely be on every TV Addict’s bucket list.

Note: Although we’re slightly bitter we’re not going to Comic Con, our West Coast Correspondent Extraordinaire Tiffany Vogt will be spearheading’s wall-to-wall coverage alongside our eagle-eyed photag Jennifer Schadel. So stay tuned!

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  • Clarification:  The TV Addict site is sending two reporters to cover Comic-Con, but our illustrious editor is unable to attend this year.  I, myself, am ecstatic to be attending!!!!

  • shanna

     I am currently scrambling to attend Comic-Con for just ONE DAY! It is kind of crazy and a lot of people are upset about how ridiculous it’s become with trying to get tickets and waiting for panels.

  • shanna

     I am currently scrambling to attend Comic-Con for just ONE DAY! It is kind of crazy and a lot of people are upset about how ridiculous it’s become with trying to get tickets and waiting for panels.

  • May the force be with you.

  • Mariakr

    Yeah, me and two friends are going to brave the crazy next fall and try to get tickets..I feel like if I’m lucky enough to get in I can never miss out, just so I can renew each year. And coming from abroad, that’s a big commitment to make. The passes may only be $100 (which, since I mention it, is a CRAZY low price IMHO, especially since they tend to always get renewed by attendees) but I’m so with you on #3, I’ve heard stories, and my wallet’s not gonna be happy with me if I do go