Morning Static: CSI, HARRY’S LAW, THE X FACTOR & More!

• Trailer Park: THE X FACTOR (Above)
• RIP: Sherwood Schwartz.
• From the department of everybody knows his name, Ted Danson signs on to replace Laurence Fishburne on CSI.
• Target Acquired: Mark Valley reunites with David E. Kelley on HARRY’S LAW.
• Good News: THAT 70’s SHOW alum Mila Kunis is a Trekkie. Bad News: Ranks STAR TREK: VOYAGER ahead of DEEP SPACE NINE!
• Change We Can Believe in? Netflix introduces new plans and price changes.

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  • Anonymous

    Mila Kunis….is there a hotter young actress in Hollywood?  I really doubt it.  She is a total babe, and has the skills to back it up, both in comedies and dramas.  

  • Sucks about the Netflix price change, but content is costing them a lot more now that earlier deals are ending. Wait until the other services also have to go this route. They have been given good deals to put pressure on Netflix, but eventually they’ll get the same treatment.