An Open Letter to Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith Fans

My Fellow Gleeks, Don’t worry, be happy.

Despite reports to the contrary, your favorite GLEE stars aren’t going anywhere. Wait, check that… that may not be entirely accurate. You favorite GLEE stars are going somewhere, they just won’t be going very far. And while we’re the first to admit that we’re completely devoid of any-and-all credible sources to actually back this up, that isn’t about to stop us from going to go on a limb and predicting that come Fall 2012, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith will be headlining their very own GLEE spin-off. (Think: GLEE: NEW YORK, GLEE: NEW DIRECTIONS or GLEE: SPECIAL SPIN-OFF UNIT)

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Just what makes us so sure that Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummell and Finn Hudson will soon be hightailing it to the Big Apple? Simple. TV Networks and Studios that risk hundreds of millions of dollars every year aren’t in the business of casually letting their cash cows slip away, especially for a reason as insignificant as “true to life storytelling.” Heck, one needn’t look further than what Warner Bros. Television and CBS put up with to keep Charlie Sheen happy and on the air. Suffice it to say, billion dollar generators such as TWO AND A HALF MEN, FRIENDS, and GLEE are few and far between, so when a Network and Studio miraculously manages to latch onto one, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be holding on to it for as long as humanely possible.

What’s more, a GLEE spin-off would be music to the bean counters at Fox’s ears. Not only would GLEE: THE SEARCH FOR MORE MONEY (Yup, we’re still working on that title!) allow for Fox to finally develop their own franchise akin to NBC’s LAW & ORDER and/or CBS’ CSI, jettisoning the big three that are Colfer, Michele and Monteith will help to keep the budget down as the series heads into a pivotal and costly period of renegotiation that will surely see big bumps in salary for its original cast members like Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison.

Agree, disagree, post away.

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  • Frankly I think it’s a smart move for everyone involved spin-off or no. Let them go before it sucks, let them go while they still have as many options as possible.  Let them go in a way that makes sense (graduation) before they have write Rachel out randomly when Lea has had enough.

  • THANK YOU! I really don’t understand why everyone is freaking out. Do you really think that they’ll let go of Lea Michele and Chris Colfer that easily? 

  • Fair enough, I simply loved the poster!

  • Maii

    I love the spin-off but with only darren lea and chris because honestly no one wants more finn hudson or the extremely toxic finchel 

  • Except that’s Darren Criss in the picture… >.>

  • Kristen

    As much as I love Glee and the 4 (including Darren Criss), I really don’t think a spin-off will do much. I haven’t seen any spin-off of any show doing good, unless you want the spin-off to be made years later and it being about their kids (referring to Degrassi’s huge success with their spin-off.) 

    And who knows, if they add ANY new characters to Glee, they might make the show better! Look at Ashley Fink and her character Lauren, they really made it better! 

  • Caligirl2b

    If handled correctly, spin-offs can be hugely successful, just look at the Simpsons (from Tracy Ullman), Frasier (from Cheers), and the Jeffersons (from All in the Family), to name a few.  Personally, I think seeing Rachel Berry get knocked down a few pegs as she tries to make it as a real Broadway star in NYC has the potential to be quite satisfying.

  • Ggny

    I very much doubt Darren Criss will be on the spinoff if there is one. Glee needs a male to take over as the lead and who else is there? There is no way there are just gonna throw a new person in there to take over a huge franchise.  Season 4 the lead characters will be Blaine,Santana and Brittany

  • Anonymous

    For years my kids have used the word “gleek” to mean spitting on another person.  Why would anyone want to be a gleek?

  • I’m all up for Lea, Chris, and  Darren. But I have to be honest in saying there really is no need for Cory  or  annoying Finchel I should say. 

  • I’m all up for Lea, Chris, and  Darren. But I have to be honest in saying there really is no need for Cory  or  annoying Finchel I should say. 

  • There’s another fan-made poster with Cory.

    I wish you’d change that pic to this one.

  • That’s only your own personal opinion. Millions of fans love Finn and Finchel. And Cory is one of the most popular actors from Glee.

  • kj

    Except that they need some heterosexuals in the lead spots. Maybe they’ll promote Sam to regular – or just bring in someone (or two) this season that they’ll focus on to take the lead in season 4. 

  • Annoying Cory’s fan

    why are you address to Cory’s fan since obviously you don’t care enough about him to has his picture instead of Darren which the Cory’s fan don’t care about!  Fix your picture to go with your article title!