Emmy Nominations 2011: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly!

THE GOOD: Melissa Leo will be able to recycle her controversial self-published “For You Consideration” campaign thanks to her Outstanding Supporting Actress in a MiniSeries nomination for her work in MILDRED PIERCE! But seriously folks, after spending the better part of the past hour perusing the 2011 Emmy Nominations, nothing — outside of nods for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton that is — puts a smile on this TV Addict’s face like seeing fresh faces getting some much deserved recognition. Be it Louie C.K for his self-titled FX series, RAISING HOPE’s Martha Plimpton, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE’s Cat Deeley, THE KILLING’s Miereille Enos and Michelle Forbes and anything and everything associated with THE GOOD WIFE, GAME OF THRONES and JUSTIFIED, it’s hard to argue with a large portion of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’s choices. Hard, but not impossible, which brings us to…

THE BAD: If the utter lack of love for the entirety of USA Network’s schedule is any indication, characters are not welcome on Emmy night. Also not welcome: Zombies (THE WALKING DEAD), science fiction (FRINGE, DOCTOR WHO), dysfunctional family drama (PARENTHOOD, MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE), friends with beverages (COUGAR TOWN, SHAMELESS), biker gangs (SONS OF ANARCHY) and outside-the-box thinking (COMMUNITY). Oh, and is just us, or does a nomination for Betty White not scream so 2010?.

THE UGLY: GLEE’s Chris Colfer… you just got nominated for your second consecutive Emmy, what are you going to do next? Talk about your bad timing! Also falling under the category of “Ugly” is our apparent inability to take shots at perennial punching bag Jon Cryer. Suffice it to say, after the year he’s endured, we actually find ourselves rooting for the guy, despite our disdain for TWO AND A HALF MEN. Oh, and finally, although the general consensus seems to be that this past season wasn’t 30 ROCK’s strongest, the category of “Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series” is not complete without America’s sweetheart Tina Fey. We’re just sayin’

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  • Anonymous

    Tina did get nominated…… http://www.emmys.com/sites/emmys.com/files/PressReleaseNoms2011emmys.pdf

    NPH was robbed of a spot. It was bad enough he wasn’t winning the award ever, now he doesn’t even get nominated?

  • So funny that you brought that up. Alas, I think it says a lot about how far HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has sunk quality wise that I completely forgot about the snub of NPH, who yes, remains deserving.

  • The fact that Anna Torv got crowded out by the likes of Kathy Bates and Mariska Hargitay makes me extra pissy. For the most part I feel like the quality of the noms are up, but when they miss they really miss. All they’d have to do is throw Piper Perabo in there for the complete rejection. 

  • shanna

    So true. Or even Lena Headley as Cersei (evil bitch but well acted). I seriously love Emilia as Daenerys though.

  • kevin

    parenthood, shameless, cougar town and community all got robbed.  also, is it necessary for all the male actors on modern family to get nominated?  especially when the kid that plays luke is better than everyone else on that show?

  • Upset about the lack of love for everybody involved with Community, Parenthood, and Cougar Town.
    Also really upset that Kathy Bates got a nomination for the horrid Harry’s Law while Emmy Rossum was left out in the cold for her astounding work on Shameless.

    But yay for Friday Night Lights! 🙂 Thank god.

  • DB

    John Noble.  Anna Torv.  Fringe.  how can they overlook this show?  why the hate for genre show…