Why THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING Should Be On Your Summer Viewing List

With the multitude of new shows that debuted this summer, one that may have escaped your notice is the new ABC Family series THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING.  With a unique blend of supernatural mythology embedded amongst the tumultuous lives of a group of young teenagers, the show may have slipped under your radar, but it should not have. 

About to air its 6th episode on Tuesday, July 19th, entitled “Nothing Compares 2 U,” THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING offers a fun and intriguing look at how a young teenager finds out that she is the descendent of an ancient race and that she may be their long-awaited savior.

For Chloe King, life is already complicated enough.  Adopted as a child and raised by a single mother, being a 16-year old teenager is already a challenge; but then finding out that her best friends are dating, that a boy who was her first kiss may have died from that fateful kiss, and that she is the heir to a mythical race of Mai, Chloe is beyond overwhelmed.

Portrayed by the delightful Skyler Samuels, Chloe King is more than just a supernaturally gifted teen.  She is a girl who wants a simple life, but who understands that she cannot abandon an entire race that needs her as well.  Her attempts to balance a “normal” life with her “supernatural” life is a mixture of charm and humor infused with doses of adrenaline-rushes as Chloe discovers just how special she is and how that makes her the most valuable and hunted person on the planet.

In the pilot episode, Chloe was casually tossed to her death off a tower.  It was only after she revived that she realized that life as she knew it had irrevocably changed forever.  Unlike either her human family and friends or her new race the Mai, Chloe can conquer death – but only nine times.  Her ancestry allows her nine lives – and with one life already stolen from her, Chloe’s days are numbered as the perpetual bulls-eye relentlessly follows her. 

Tracked and marked by an unknown group of mysterious assassins, Chloe must quickly learn to protect her own life as well as learn to be the leader she needs to be for her people.  That is in addition to studying at school, going to her part-time job and trying to have some semblance of a teenage life.

But, as Chloe soon learns, even dating can be more thorny and tricky than she imagine.  Humans and Mai are not permitted to kiss or it can result in paralysis and death.  This bodes badly for the boy who catches her eye on the dance floor, and perhaps for her new boyfriend Brian, a human who does not know that his father is tracking and trying to kill his girlfriend.

Thrown into the mix Chloe’s best friends Amy and Paul and the overly-protective Alek and Jasmine, the Mai assigned to protect her, and Chloe’s life is a labyrinth of conflicting responsibilities.  Thank goodness, under the watchful eye of an unknowing mother and the Mai looking out for her, Chloe is getting a small window of opportunity to train and learn and adjust to her complicated life.  But is it more than a 16-year old girl can handle?

Taking the time to share a bit about the CHLOE KING world were stars Skyler Samuels, Grace Phipps, Ki Hong Lee, Alyssa Diaz, Benjamin Stone and Amy Pietz at a recent set visit at CBS Studios in Los Angeles.

Skyler Samuels
Does Chloe find out that Alek may not have told her the truth about what may happen to Brian if she kisses him?
SKYLER:  For this season, she doesn’t find out.  But it is becoming more and more apparent that Chloe is going to find a way around the curse.  Because, you know, Brian’s her true love and while she is really attracted to Alek, her heart belongs to Brian.  There got to be some little way.  I think Chloe’s quest for season two would be trying to figure out how to break the curse.  So that’s something to look forward to.

Are you employing any kind of PUSHING DAISIES’ ways of exploring romance?
SKYLER: Oh my goodness.  Yes, and no.  I think Chloe has had some more interesting love connections with Alek in that regard than Brian. In Episode 4, there is this moment Chloe and Alek are standing in the middle of an intersection and he’s teaching her how to use her super-hearing and they’re standing with her eyes closed and she opens them and he’s like right in front of her and she hears his heart beating.  In that moment, she’s like, ‘You’re so cute!’ and she gets all giggly about it.  So there’s definitely more of that like steamy attraction.  But with Brian, it’s more like the emotional attraction.  And there’s kind of an attraction to Brian that makes him so irresistible.  So it’s like love and they both progress throughout the season.  It makes for an interesting finale, that’s for sure!

What kind of training have you had to do to prepare for this role?
SKYLER: When I got the role, I couldn’t throw a punch or even a kick. I had trouble running all before the pilot. And then everything got amped up when we came back. So at first it was like I was dying. There are so many training sessions where 400 jumps later on the jump rope I was like, ‘I can’t do it anymore.’ And my trainer was like, ‘Trust me. One day this is going to come in handy.’ . . Sure enough, there are days I find myself hopping from building-to-building or kicking bad guys or punching villains in the face – ad all of a sudden all those things have made sense.  So now I’m proud to say I’ve gone through Superhero Training 101, successfully.
Did you have to learn parkour for the stunts on the show?
SKYLER: A little bit.  They’ve shown me like the basics of the basics. There was one episode where I ran off a pillar. I’m very impressed, but it’s really not that difficult. Meanwhile, the guy who taught me how to do it, did like four back-flips and all this fancy stuff. And I’m like, ‘Yes okay, I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it.’
Is there a particular stunt that you are most proud of  that you’ve done on the show?
SKYLER:  There’s a couple of flips.  One that I did myself in Episode 9. Chloe is fighting a gang of knuckle-heads, as I like to call them, and I did my first flip where I had someone flip me upside-down and I kicked two guys in the face during the flip. So to do that on my own was a really big deal. So I’m very glad. That was my first staple of getting cool. I’m working on it. That was just me. It took a lot of trust and a lot of, ‘Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.’ It’s like 2-seconds long, but there’s a lot that goes into just getting that down. It took me almost all season, but step-by-step.
If you could have one superhero ability, what would you chose and why?
SKYLER:  I would probably steal the super-speed because I could get more done in a day. I would just run everywhere and I would be super efficient. But the super-hearing is pretty cool too. I love that Chloe has the ability to eavesdrop and listen in.  The super-hearing power is probably one of the most important, as the season goes on, because she’s really used it to get herself out of trouble in really interesting ways.
What characteristics do you think you share with Chloe?
SKYLER:  We’re both very nerdy, quirky girls who get really nervous when we talk to cute boys. And we have great relationships with our best friends and our moms.

And how are you different from Chloe?
SYKLER: Chloe is fearless and takes risks in a way that I never would. Chloe thinks of things and does things that I would be like, ‘What? Why would she run on the edge of a building? That’s a horrible idea.’ But she’s like, ‘I’m in.’
What have you learned from Chloe? 
SKYLER:  Whether it’s the action or the emotional stuff, Chloe has challenged me as a person to do so much and face so many things that I found scary. She’s really helped me branch-out and grow up. I can’t imagine becoming a young woman without Chloe King. She’s changed my life.
From what we have seen Chloe and her mom are really close on the show, so how conflicted is Chloe about having to keep secrets from her mom?
SKYLER:  Well, it gets difficult because trust is one of the hardest things that Chloe has to learn to deal with.  I mean, it’s hard enough turning from a young girl to a young woman.  At first the big secret to keep from mom is, ‘hey, I’m a supernatural creature!’ and she doesn’t want to share that with her mom ‘cause she doesn’t want her to look at her funny.  And then, the bigger issue that comes between them is her dad.  Chloe has been communicating with her dad and when she find out that it is actually her dad on the other end, they start communicating more and more and she starts distancing herself from her mom.  So the secrets that Chloe has kept is creating friction in the relationship.  And Chloe is finding out that she is not sure who she can trust as the bad are kind of camouflaged and can be amongst you.  So Chloe is trying to figure out how separate the good from the bad and who she can trust.  It’s a bit tricky.
Can you talk a little about Colton Haynes (who is currently starring on TEEN WOLF), who will be guest-starring on the show?
SKYLER:  Colton Haynes and I worked on a show together last year and we remained really, really close.  So I told him about the show and that it was my goal to get him on it and he’s like, ‘What? No way!’ But sure enough, by chance, he actually auditioned for the show and he’s got an awesome role that’s sort of gritty and kind of evil.  So he’s got a really cool story part and so it was great to work with him on this show.  He’s my best friend and it was really great ‘cause we have fight scenes together and other great stuff.  It was just a blast.  He was like, ‘Who are you?!’  You’re not the girl I knew last summer.  You’re bad-ass now!’  I have a feeling that his character will be around for  a while too.  So he’s got a storyline that will continue on the show.’

Ki Hong Lee
How are you and your character alike and different?
KI HONG:  Paul is a very curious and adventurous kid and he loves comic-books and superheroes. I think that is one difference.  One thing in common is we share – well, Paul is more of it than I am – but he’s comfortable in his own skin and he doesn’t care if he comes across as nerdy or geeky.  He doesn’t care.  He is very comfortable in his own skin and he’ll go after it.  He’ll go after whatever he wants. He doesn’t let what people think or say get to him.  And I think for me, it’s hard to do that as an actor because people are always criticizing your work and you’re always pretty hard on yourself too, but I try to do that as well.  So that’s one similarity.

In the “Green Star” episode, when Paul watches Amy sing on stage and there are tears streaming down his face, it was really beautiful.  What emotions did you tap into to do that scene?
KI HONG: I just thought about a lot of bad things, really sad, sad stuff.  I don’t know.  It really helps when they play music, I guess.  The song just kind of hit home. And it’s nice to have a fork stuck in your leg too.

Did you actually stick a fork in your leg?
KI HONG: I did!

We’ve been hearing about this big season finale with a cliffhanger, are we going to be seeing more of Paul trying to prove himself as part of the superhero club or is he going to be totally confident and just sit back and let everyone else tackle that sort of stuff?
KI HONG:  I would say that Paul is cool.  He is part of the cool club.  I think you’ll see different sides of Paul in the next couple of episodes. So it will be interesting to see that. As far as getting involved with fighting, he does get in trouble sometimes.  He does have to do things to get himself out of those tricky situations and you’ll see a little bit of me doing my own stunts – I’ll say that.  Just watch out.
If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
KI HONG:  People ask me that all the time! Teleportation, hands down! ‘Cause you could be L.A. traffic.  You have no idea — I would love to have that power because then I can travel everywhere. Like, long distance relationships? Not a problem. Traffic? Not a problem. There’s shutting down the 405? Not a problem. I’m there!

What is it like working on the show?
KI HONG:  It’s been a tremendous learning experience.  I feel like I’m in bootcamp. . . but first and foremost, it’s my job to be true to the character and portray that truth on screen.  So that’s what I do.  But since I’m here and there’s directors here and I just ask them questions about how they do their work.  I think it’s a great chance to get to know about that.  For me, I eventually want to direct and get into different aspects of the business.  As an actor, no job is guaranteed, so you have to find a way to do any job you can get.
What has been your favorite episode to film on the show?
KI HONG:  I just want to say, every episode is great! But you’ll see in Episode 6, you’ll really see Paul differently.  He’s always playing the comedic relief, so it’s nice to see that he’s kind of serious in that episode.  So I think that one.
Is comedy instinctual for you or is it something you have to work at?
KI HONG:  I think I’m lucky ‘cause the role is kind of an extension of myself and I guess it’s kind of instinctual.  Obviously, I’m not going to lie and say, ‘Oh, of course! I’m really talented.’ No, obviously, there’s some beats and moments where are hard, but overall, this is just an extension of myself, so it’s easy.
How would you describe your co-star, Grace, who plays Paul’s girlfriend Amy?
KI HONG:  She’s so funny in real life.  She’s a riot!  She’s so fun to be around.  I’m so glad that she and I spend the most time together.  There’s never a dull moment with her.  You’ll see.  She’ll light up this room when she comes in.  I’d don’t want to hype her up too much, but she’s great.  She has very good instincts.  She has a very good sense of what the scene is about and how the scene is going and she will talk about how we should do this – it always works out better.  I’m just really glad to have her to work so closely with.

Grace Phipps
On CHLOE KING, you play Amy, Chloe’s best friend.  What kind of friend are you in real life?
GRACE:  I’m an awesome friend!  We’ve actually bonded, the cast, so we actually are as close as we are in the show.
How would you describe Amy’s journey for this season?
GRACE:  I think she actually kind of still has to grow up a lot. Like this person she has grown up with now has this responsibility, and she has to help [Chloe] with that.  It kind of makes her grow up along with her.  So she’s still yelpy and she’s still Amy, but still has to realize that there is danger that I don’t think her sheltered life prepared her for.
What drew you to the role of Amy?
GRACE: I loved her since the pilot.  She was so funny.   I love that she is used for comedic relief. And I was reading the books where there was a moment where Amy was making a corset, there was glitter flying everywhere, listening to music from BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and doing her homework.  I knew right then, that I had to do this character!
What do you love the most about Amy?
GRACE:  One of the things I like about Amy is that she’s kind of a feministic character.  Yet she’s so comfortable with who she is that she can be best friends with Chloe and not feel threatened by her.
Are there going to be any upcoming kick-ass moments for Amy?
GRACE:  In the pilot, she pushes the bad guy out of a window, which is gutsy.  But I think a lot of what Amy’s role is taking charge and trying to keep her friend safe  — ‘cause even the fact that her friend can come back to life, the thought of Chloe dying is absolutely terrifying for her.  You don’t like to see your friends suffer at all.  So I think a lot of her ‘go get ’em’ is to protect her friend.
What TV shows do you like to watch?
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
GRACE:  Flying! Totally flying. I would fly everywhere.
Do you have a secret name or pet name for your character?
GRACE:  We have little inside names on set – and the way that Amy yelps sounds like a small dog sat on a pinecone, so I guess we call Amy ‘Dog on a pinecone’.
What can you tease about where Amy’s storyline is going for the remainder of the season?
GRACE:  There will be bumps in the road.
Is she stirring things up?
GRACE:  I don’t know. There may be a ‘ladle’ involved. [laughter]
Have you had a chance to work with all the actors on the show, or are there still people you haven’t worked with?
GRACE:  There are a few people.  I just actually finished a full on scene with Amy Pietz and I am so stoked!  I was like, ‘I want to be you when I grow up!’  I was so excited.

Alyssa Diaz
What drew you to the show?
ALYSSA:  As soon as I saw the script, I said, ‘That’s my girl!’  I just knew.  I’ve been training in martial arts for almost a decade.  Thus, I loved getting cast on NINE LIVES ‘cause I get to utilize my talents.

What is upcoming for Jasmine?
ALYSSA:  A lot of action.  It gets more intense.  The fights get more intense.  Different villains come into play, which is fun. The danger gets greater and all the stakes are just really high, and episode 10 is a huge cliffhanger.  And even I’m like, ‘What’s going to happen?!’ And they’re like, ‘We can’t tell you!’  It’s a wild ride and I think fans and viewers are really going to just eat it up.

Are we going to see Jasmine in more emotional situations opposed to action situations?
ALYSSA:  Definitely.  You see a lot more of Jasmine as she gets more personally involved and you see what she’s gone through as her and Chloe get close. So there’s a great scene coming up where Chloe and I talk about Jasmine’s past – Jasmine and her mother, that whole conflict starts to get unraveled.  It’s really interesting, really intense.

What is it like working with Alicia Coppola?
ALYSSA:  Alicia is an amazing woman and amazing actress. I love working with her and thinks she’s a great, great actress to play the role of Valentina.  She’s just perfect in her role.

Could you describe one of your favorite scenes that is upcoming, maybe as a teaser?
ALYSSA:  There is a scene that comes up where – Jasmine has been very hesitant.  Her mother is very hard on her and there’s a scene upcoming where Jasmine confronts her about that.

What do you admire most about your character, Jasmine?
ALYSSA:  I like the fact that Jasmine is really strong, loyal and has warmth.  There’s no jealousy.  It’s like the yin and the yang.  [Jasmine and Chloe] balance each other.  Chloe was growing up human and that type of lifestyle being a teenager and Jasmine growing up with this hard mother that is training her to the ways of the Mai – it creates a balance between the two.  Jasmine is really smart and she kicks butt!

Jasmine is a real fierce protector, are you like that in real life?
ALYSSA:  I’m definitely a momma-bear with my family and my friends.  If someone is giving them a hard time, then it’s instinctual.

What are Jasmine’s powers?
ALYSSA:  Her powers? She’s so cool.  She has super-hearing, super-speed, super-strength.

If you could have one of her abilities, which would you choose?
ALYSSA:  I really think the agility aspect is really neat to have. And it’s so graceful.  That’s Jasmine.  Yeah, that would be really cool to have.

Do you do a lot of wire-work or is there more of a parkour emphasis for the stunts on the show?
ALYSSA:  It’s a mix of parkour, wire-work and martial arts.  When we shot the pilot, it was great meeting the stunt doubles.  I love my stunt double, she’s awesome.  She’ll take me hiking and stuff like that. What they do on this show is amazing.  It’s like making a bunch of short, fast-action films. It is such a blessing.

If you could use one word to sum up who Jasmine is, what would it be?
ALYSSA:  Jasmine is fierce – in all aspects!

How do you like the wardrobe that Jasmine gets to wear on the show?
ALYSSA:  I love the wardrobe! They have given Jasmine a bit more fashion as the show’s gone on, so I get to wear a lot of cool leather jackets and J-Brand jeans, which I love!

Will Jasmine be getting a love interest this season?
ALYSSA:  I was wondering the same thing! But Jasmine does get some love.

What is it like working with Grey Damon and Benjamin Stone?
ALYSSA:  The hot boys? Ben and Grey are fantastic!  They’re both really fun, very sweet, playful.  Such great guys!

Benjamin Stone
So you’re currently working on the finale, what is your reaction to it?
BEN:  The finale?  Tense.  I was reading it and like every page is a twist.  So it’s really packed full of action and mystery.  We find out who some people really are and other people are in jeopardy; so there’s a lot.  You’ll have to watch and see what happens.  It’s definitely not going to end there.  We’ll be back.

Do you think Chloe is going to be angry that Alek lied to her about what would happen if she kissed Brian?
BEN:  Did I lie to her?  I definitely think [Alek] was telling her the truth based on what we know.  I think he actually told her that Brian could die or that it could cause paralysis or something bad.  I don’t know.  They’re leaving that open.  But I think it is pretty much guaranteed that something bad would happen if she actually did kiss him.  If Xavier hadn’t been killed, then the kiss may have actually done the same thing.

How would you describe Alek’s journey this season? It seemed like when we first met him, he was kind of kick-back and had a ‘whatever’ attitude, but as the season progressed he seemed to transform into more of a stand-up, honorable kind of guy, with more altruistic motivations.
BEN:  Alek’s passionate, but he’s also got to protect [Chloe].  So he’s maturing.  He’s got responsibilities that must come first.  So he’s trying to figure out what the best course of action is and yet he’s still a guy and he has feelings for Chloe.

How did you prepare for all the stunts you do on the show?
BEN:  We did do some wire training, but due to time constraints, the stunt doubles end up doing it because there’s not enough time.  We do as much as we can for a fight scene.  Then the stunt doubles take over.

What’s your favorite quality to your character and would you say that you have any similar qualities?
BEN:  I really admire his passion.  He is passionate.  He is loyal.  He’s very honorable.  I think that’s a great quality. I like that he’s witty, as well.  He kinds of teases – he’s cheeky, pretty much like me, I guess.  But I’m also honorable, as well.

What are you passionate about in real life?
BEN:  My job.  My girlfriend and family.  My friends.  Just about everything that I’m involved in, I’m very passionate about.

What has it been like working with Alysssa Diaz, who portrays Jasmine?
BEN:  I love working with her.  We’re the same age and she’s just so much fun.  We always have fun.  We laugh so much that we’ve botched a shot.  I’m pretty good at stopping laughing, whereas she can’t.  The cameras will start rolling and she’s giggling.  Yeah, she’s so much fun.  I think she’s a blast.  I love that my character and hers are like that.  It’s a lot of fun.  I’m very lucky.

Who have you worked with the most besides Skyler and Alyssa on the show?
BEN:  I would guess – not Brian – I guess Ki Hong and Grace.  Ki Hong and I had a scene and it was really funny.  But mostly, it’s just Skyler and Alyssa – and the baddies who come in and out.

Can you describe your favorite villain so far?
BEN: I can’t.  It would give too much away.  There’s so much I can’t say ‘cause they’re such big things. I just can’t say.

What can you share that we should be looking forward to that may not be too spoilerish?
BEN:  I think mainly you’ll find out the history of the Mai, what the Mai can really do, and that it is not just the Mai and the baddies, there’s others as well – other supernaturals – and I think the whole mythology becomes more clear. So I guess you find out more, that’s what I can say.

Will we see more moments of comedy with Alek?
BEN:  Yeah, definitely.  I think the whole show has funny moments in it.

What has been the biggest challenge in portraying Alek this season?
BEN:  I think it’s that line that you can’t cross where he’s saying something really douche-y, but he means it because he cares.  He’s not a jerk.  He really does care and it’s a challenge to walk that line.

Amy Pietz
This season saw a lot of changes for Chloe, but her mom was kept in the dark.  Does her mom stay in the dark or does she have a sense that may be there is something going on other than dating issues?
AMY:  I think what will make the show succeed is if her mom stays in the dark as long as possible.  She can be – Meredith, my character – can be put in the middle of the hornet’s nest, like in Episode 10, but she is unaware of it.  And I think that will be some really intriguing television.  But certainly, in my opinion, I don’t think we want Meredith to find out any time soon.  Then we would lose the value of Chloe’s two worlds and how important it is for her to keep this secret – that’s what is going to make it exciting.

Because of Meredith’s unknowing status of what’s really going on, do you think she is a good parent?
AMY:  I have deep respect for my character and what she is trying to do for her daughter.

Does Meredith provide that kind of ‘safe haven’ that Chloe needs right now?
AMY:  Yeah.  Also, I would imagine that for the character of Chloe that if she can pass in front of her mom – if she can fool even her mom – she knows she’s fooling the rest of the world which will protect her race.  Yeah, that’s probably a good point, right?

Do they ever really hint at or explain why Meredith is not aware of Chloe’s history?
AMY:  The dad and the mom adopted Chloe. So I think there’s a lot that Meredith is not saying about that adoption – the issues surrounding that adoption.  I think there was what was referred to as a ‘slaughter’ in one episode.  So there’s a lot of information she’s not sharing, but I don’t know what she knows and doesn’t.  Maybe Meredith does know and is waiting for Chloe to tell her.  I don’t know.  We’re kept in the dark about these things, which is really smart.  Because there are so many cliffhangers and it’s so hard to keep secrets.  I’m happy the writers don’t tell me what’s coming up.  It’s too exciting!

Grace mentioned that she got to do an upcoming scene with you and she was really excited about it.  Can you talk about that?
AMY:  I was excited about it too!  Grace is one of my favorite young actresses in the world.  I love her.  There’s something about me and Grace.  I think we see a lot of ourselves in each other.   And because she’s playing the character that I’ve played before – the best friend, the funky, funny, quirky, whatever best friend – that’s a part that I’ve done at different times in my career.  So I really appreciate what she’s going through and I know how much fun she’s having.  And I know how they can often be the best roles on the show, so I’m excited for her.  I think she looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor, who’s funny.  She’s just such a talent and such a beautiful person.  Her soul just shines through her, doesn’t it?  She’s like a doll.  Literally, a doll.  So it was exciting to work with her on camera and to – I think I’m actually watching her learn.  I thought she knew everything there was to know!  But I saw her learn a couple different, new things that day and it was fun to watch.  It made me feel very motherly.

Do you feel motherly towards the younger cast?
AMY:  Yeah.  I’m mean there aren’t too many non-adults here.  Especially Skyler.  I feel incredibly protective of her.  But at the same time, incredibly respectful of her.  So I think that is the struggle to balance.   How do you fully respect a young person who is not yet an adult and protecting them at the same time without taking away their power? Or without taking away their voice? And without imposing your opinions on them?  I don’t know how people do it.

Can you generally describe the upcoming scene that you will be filming in San Francisco for the show?
AMY:  Usually, we film the outdoor scenes and actually utilize the city.  The other times, we try to approximate the city or the other urban artistic feeling of San Francisco in the downtown art’s district and that’s been great for shooting.  There’s so much great backgrounds everywhere.  It’s been wonderful to actually be there and utilizing the art’s district.  But the scene that I’m involved in that we’re shooting in San Francisco is Chloe getting her first car.  So that’s kind of a big deal. And we have the wonderful KIA car company helping us with that.

What would you like fans to know about Meredith that they may not yet know?
AMY:  I think she’s an artist.  But that has not really been explored.  Her career is that she is a real estate developer, but I think she has a real artistic sensibility.  That’s what I’m thinking about when I’m thinking about who she is.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
AMY:  Not needing sleep.  Then I’d get to stay up 24-hours a day.  I’d like that superpower!

With the overwhelming popularity of teleportation, super-speed, flying and to never need to sleep, clearly the cast of THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING feel like the world needs more time and a quicker way to get around!  It was a pleasure and a treat to hear from such an enthusiastic group of actors about a show that they are having such a great time working on.

To see more of the climatic adventures of Chloe, Amy, Paul, Alek and Jasmine, be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 9PM on ABC Family Channel.  Things are heating up and the epic showdown looms with only six more episodes before the jaw-dropping season finale.  And not to be missed is the pivotal episode on July 19th where the love-triangle between Chloe, Brian and Alek comes to a fateful moment.

Tiffany Vogt is a contributing writer to TheTVAddict. She has a great love for television and firmly believes that entertainment is a world of wondrous adventures that deserves to be shared and explored – she invites you to join her. Please feel free to contact Tiffany at Tiffany_Vogt_2000@yahoo.com or follow her at on Twitter (@TVWatchtower).

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