Morning Static: BONES, CHUCK, ONE TREE HILL & More!

• Trailer Park: ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME.
• Comic Con: TV’s 6 Most Wanted Woman.
• Bad news for BONES fans, Fox has scrapped the show’s annual Comic Con panel after David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel bowed out “for personal reasons.”
• He’s Back! Paul Johansson returning for the final season of ONE TREE HILL.
• Chuck Final Season Scoop: Morgan and Chuck’s New “Intersect”ion and a Possible Casey Romance?
• In Case You Missed It: CBS Teases the Return of TWO AND HALF MEN: Ready… Set… Photoshop!
• Calling All Beta-Testers! We’re looking for honest feedback on an interesting little side-project we’re developing that may-or-may-not be of interest to fellow TV Addicts.

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  • Anonymous

    Mark Schwahn, hopefully you’re reading this:  Please don’t make Dan Scott some boring nicey-nicey guy looking for more ‘redemption.’  One Tree Hill has missed a villain for so long, the show has become horrifically stale.  The real Dan Scott can bring some of the drama that we desperately need.  Also, please bring back Barbara Alyn Woods as Deb.  Those two going at it…priceless. 

    If you want the longtime OTH fans to return or stick with you, remember what made the show (sorta) great.  Psychos, sickos, loonies, connivers, murderers, stalkers, kidnappers….the type of stuff we crave in escapism “soap opera.” 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say I care about your side project since it only includes “legal” links. Everyone knows where to go for those. If you provided megavideo links to watch shows, then it would be worthwhile. I can understand why you’re not, I just find the site pointless as it is right now.

  • In my side project’s defense, I’m a huge proponent of legally watching TV online! Stealing content does little but to hurt an industry that we all love. As such, I like the idea of encouraging readers to legally watch TV. Yes I realize every episode isn’t available, but hopefully networks and studios will slowly come around to the fact that they might as well profit from putting everything online, instead of continuing to leave money on the table by allowing sites like megavideo to profit.