Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, DEGRASSI, FALLING SKIES, WEEDS & More!

Are you heading to Comic Con? — Jessica
The TV Addict: Sadly, no. Due to a lack of a private jet and/or money tree growing in our backyard, this TV Addict had to make somewhat of a “Sophie’s Choice” this summer. Thus, rather than choose to spend four days in the sweltering and sunny Petri dish that is beautiful downtown San Diego, we’ve opted to spend the first week of August in what we suspect will be a frigid Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom for the summer instalment of the Television Critics Association Press Tour. That said, if you’ve come to for San Diego Comic Con coverage, we’ve got you covered thanks to West Coast senior editor extraordinaire Tiffany Vogt and her phenomenal photag sister Jennifer. So stay tuned.

Any word on how the newest addition to BONES (Read: Brennan’s baby bump!) will effect BONES this season? — Raquel
The TV Addict: Since Hart Hanson and Co. are being understandably tight-lipped with regards to how Brennan’s baby will affect BONES this season, we hope some details on a new arrival of a different variety will suffice. According to sources, replacing the dearly departed Mr. Nigel-Murray this season will be Finn Abernathy, an 18 year old not-so-Southern gentleman. Why not so Southern you ask? Well, put it this way, he managed to get his undergraduate degree while being confined to a juvenile detention facility.

Your recent visit to the set of DEGRASSI did not result in the bounty of scoop I was hoping for. Are you holding back on us? — Allie
The TV Addict: Boy are we ever! And as much as we would love to share the major, some might say life-altering event that we were lucky enough to witness, this week’s visit to the set of DEGRASSI came with some serious strings attached. Namely, we aren’t allowed to share details about the special set that was constructed, or the clothes that were being tried on during the scene we watched. But rest assured, when you do finally get to see what transpired in early 2012, it will be worth the wait.

I really enjoyed the interview with Justin Kelly the newest addition toDEGRASSI, but curious if you got to chat with any other cast members? — Madison
The TV Addict: Indeed we did. Stay tuned next week for two candid interviews with Ainslinn Paul (Clare) and Melinda Shankar (Allie), both of whom who had some very surprising things to say about their character’s relationship statuses this season.

Silas’ stint as a nearly nude model on last weeks episode of WEEDS may have been the best thing to happen to my television since TRUE BLOOD’s clothing budget got cut in half! Please tell me his modelling career continue. — Taylor
The TV Addict: Unfortunately, Silas’ attempt to become America’s Next Top Model (Side Bar: After umpteen cycles is anyone else curious as to why AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL hasn’t attempted an all-male season?) will take a brief hiatus when he accompanies Nancy to California where she’ll confront Jill in the battle for custody of baby Stevie. But, on a more positive note, a major series regular from the show’s first two seasons (Aka. WEEDS: The Glory Years) will make a shocking, not to mention very welcome return by episodes end.

Love me some FALLING SKIES but somewhat worried about the fate of those poor kids having left the safety of the “Second Massachusetts.” Any chance you can assure me they’ll be okay? — Linda
The TV Addict: We could, but what fun would that be! So rather than simply spoil what happens on Sunday during what is arguably the show’s most exciting episode to date, we’ll simply say that the safety of the “Second Massachusetts” young’ins will come at a cost that may-or-may-not involve the death of a character we’ve known since episode 1.

With ENTOURAGE kicking off its final season this Sunday is there any hope at all for a happily-ever-after for Eric and Sloane? — Lindsay
The TV Addict: While the first few episodes of ENTOURAGES eighth and final season won’t give Eric and Sloane shippers a reason to pop the champagne just yet, news that Melinda Clarke shared with us during this past weekends Polaris Event in Toronto certainly should. According to Clarke, the hilariously heightened version of herself that she plays on the hit HBO show will be returning for a three episode arc at the end of the series and while we have no idea as to why, we suspect that noise you’re hearing in the not-to-distant-future is… wedding bells.

Please tell me that the new 90210 showrunners aren’t ruining Naomi — the only reason I still watch the show — by keeping her pregnant this year? — Gary
The TV Addict: If a picture is worth a thousand words, the spoilerific photo posted below snapped during filming of 90210’s first episode back should probably help assuage your fears.

Photo Credit: SpoilerTV