Snappy Answers to Silly Questions with DEGRASSI Star Aislinn Paul

Just how cool is DEGRASSI star Aislinn Paul? Not only was she kind enough to sit down for an exclusive one-on-one interview earlier in the summer, she was game for a new feature we like to call, “Snappy answers to silly questions.”

The TV Addict: Which cast member is most likely to crack up during a scene?
Aislinn Paul: I’d like to say that I’m pretty good at holding it together but Melinda [Shankar] and I are always cracking up during scenes. We were just shooting a scene this morning and we had a laughing fit, it was pretty fun.

When you’re not shooting, which cast member is most likely to be checking their phones, twittering, texting and what have you?
Aislinn Paul: Melinda is great at her social networking but I’d say Munro [Chambers] is probably on his phone the most, he’s always texting people.

Which cast member is most like their character?
Aislinn Paul: I think Luke [Bilyk] is a lot like Drew, I do! They’re both into sports, not that much into school and pretty into girls too! But as you saw in the premiere, Drew made the ultimate sacrifice for love, and I think Luke is like that as well, he will sacrifice anything for people he loves.

Which cast member has the messiest dressing room?
Aislinn Paul: I think we all like to keep our dressing rooms nice and clean because we sort of like to host each other in our rooms, and sometimes we’ll also switch rooms at the drop of a hat so we don’t want to leave a huge mess.

Which cast member that you don’t usually get to shoot scenes with would you like to work with more?
Aislinn Paul: Oh… Shannon [Kook-Chun]. I would love to work with Shannon. He is so talented, his character is not in the show as much as we would like him to be because we love him so much as a person, we love him here more, and I’d just love to work with it would be so fun.

Which cast member leads the most interesting off-camera life for the purposes of a reality TV show?
Aislinn Paul: I’d love to follow Melinda around, I’ve been giving her as an answer for a lot of these questions but I think she has a really interesting life, really great family, great sense of humor and I think it would translate really well into a reality show.

With DEGRASSI’s alum having a history of going onto not-so-much better, but bigger things (see: 90210’s Shenae Grimes, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Nina Dobrev and TERRA NOVA’s Landon Liboiron), which of your cast mates would you be least surprised to get picked up by a big American show next?
Aislinn Paul: I don’t really want to offend anyone, we have so many talented people, but… gosh… (we’ve got some really talented singers as well as actors, Daniel Kelly (Owen Milligan ) is an amazing rapper, he’s being looked at by some labels, so I would definitely be on the look out for his music, he’s definitely going places. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jahmil (Dave Turner) got his own show because he’s an incredibly talented actor. You only get to see little tiny sparks of his full talent on this show.

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