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Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, 90210, THE OFFICE & More!

With shooting having already begun on BONES seventh season, I’m wondering if you’ve been able to cobble together anymore information about the impact of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy on the show? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: This just in: The somewhat reduced workload for mommy-to-be-Brennan (Deschanel) will be sweet news for one John Francis Daley. Which is to say fans can expect an uptick in screen time for Dr. Lance Sweets who will accompany Booth on more investigations in the early part of the seventh season. So much so that he’ll actually get certified to carry a gun! Now whether Sweets should be packing heat all day… well, that is an entirely different story.

Got any SHAMELESS scoop to tide this fan over until season 2? — Jenn
The TV Addict: When SHAMELESS does return this January 2012, Frank will very quickly discover that allowing himself to get urinated on by son as penance for sleeping with Lip’s underage girlfriend Karen was a walk in the park in comparison to what happens when the cops start sniffing around the mysterious disappearance of Karen’s father Eddie.

Any idea as to who will replace Michael Scott on THE OFFICE now that it has been made clear that James Spader’s character is coming on board as more of a CEO type to fill the void left by Kathy Bates? — Michelle
The TV Addict: If you seriously think NBC is going to let that doozy of a secret out, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’m willing to sell you. That said, what we do know — thanks to some time spent with Craig Robinson at this week’s NBC TCA party in Los Angeles — that Spader’s character’s management style will be far different than Michael Scott’s obsession with being loved. Said Robinson, “[James Spader’s management style] is one of inspiration, trying to get inside your mind and inspire.”

Is it safe to say following last week’s big reveal on FALLING SKIES fans will get a closer glimpse at the new aliens? — Larry
The TV Addict: It’s not just safe to assume, we can pretty much guarantee that the insides of a gigantic mothership will play a pivotal role in what we’re hoping is an epic ending to FALLING SKIES’ first season on Sunday.

Any word on how 90210 plans to write out Teddy? — Brandon
The TV Addict: Do the phrase “ripped-from-the-headlines” mean anything to you? Because that’s precisely the focus of Teddy’s journey as he prepares to exit America’s most infamous zip code. According to sources, Teddy will be thrown into the middle of an incredibly awkward situation when his latest boyfriend not just happens to be a man who has taken a year off of school to volunteer to fight for marriage equality, but is fighting against Teddy’s ultra-conservative politician uncle who is the only member of his family to support him after he came out to his father to shall we say less than positive results.

Will Lauren Graham’s Sarah ever find love on PARENTHOOD? — Amy
The TV Addict: Lauren Graham sure as heck hopes so. “Sarah is finally being open enough to have a relationship even though some of the circumstances aren’t perfect,” explained Graham to your very own TV Addict during a recent one-on-one at NBC’s 2011 TCA party. “Even though he’s [Jason Ritter’s character[ 10 years younger than her, I’ve been dying to explore this in a non-comedic real way. What is that difference between people and is it enough to ruin something or it is surmountable — especially when the woman’s older — so I think it could be really cool.”

Any intel on what Nikita is up to? — Nick
The TV Addict: All intel points to NIKITA risking her life, and while that probably won’t come as much of a surprise to fans of the show, what surely will is which former friend and Division agent, she is risking her life for.