Could Michael Rosenbaum Be the Next Voice of Charlie? ANGELS co-creator Al Gough Spills All… Plus His Thoughts on the SMALLVILLE’s Controversial Series Finale

Could ABCs new trifecta of angels be answering the phone, “Good Morning Michael” this fall? They could if SMALLVILLE’s Michael Rosenbaum has anything to say about it.

“Rosenbaum keeps sending me tapes to be the voice of Charlie — seriously — he’s sent me three,” revealed CHARLIE’S ANGELS co-creator Al Gough when asked at this morning’s Television Critics Association Press Tour about the chances of seeing any of his former SMALLVILLE co-workers pop up on ANGELS now that they may-or have some time on their hands. “I think he might be a little young, but we’d obviously love to have any of them come on the show at some point.”

As for what Gough thought about SMALLVILLE’s controversial series finale and just what he might have done different had he still been running the series alongside co-creator Miles Miller (Who, for the record, didn’t see the finale.)

“The final image was always him [Clark] suiting up and flying away. Obviously back in the day there was going to be more of a thing with him and Lex because it all sort of came down to that Lex and Clark dynamic so it was again, as you know it was sort of inevitable,” said Gough, who fessed up to failing to keep up with the series since exiting the show in 2008. “Look I think it’s hard to wrap up any show that’s gone 10 years and I think they did the best they could.”

CHARLIE’S ANGELS premieres this Thursday September 22 on ABC at 8PM (CTV in Canada)a

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