We Get to the Bottom of WEEDS’ Uncertain Future on Showtime

Has WEEDS worn out its welcome? Not according to David Nevins, President of Entertainment at Showtime.

“I think that show’s got life, real life in it and I feel like Jenji [Creator Jenji Kohan] has done a really great job of evolving her show, making it move in different places and reinventing it in really interesting ways every year.” said Nevins during his executive panel during last week’s Showtime portion of the 2011 Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles. “I haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m optimistic. It’s been an interesting year and I’m excited for people to sort of see where it goes by the end of the season as all the stories sort of coalesce.”

Unfortunately in this business we like to affectionally refer to as show, there is a big difference between “optimism” and “reality,” particularly for this WEEDS addict who has spent the better part of seven seasons revelling in the show’s trademark twists and outrageous turns. Which is why, not satisfied with Nevins wait-and-see attitude, this TV Addict took it upon ourselves to seek get a more definitive answer during the recent CBS/CW/Showtime Party in Los Angeles.

What we found, wasn’t so much Ms. Kohan (who according to Nevins was putting the finishing touches on the finale as we speak), but rather the net best thing, WEEDS executive producer Mark Burley.

“We’re hopeful that it will get picked up for season 8 but we don’t know yet,” admitted Burley. “We’re waiting to hear, but I’m going to say hopefully the signs are good.”

Not so good, is the fact that since Nevins won’t have made a decision on the show’s fate in time for Kohan to craft a proper series finale, there is a distinct possibility that loyal WEEDS fans might not get the ending they deserve… should the unthinkable happen and a deal not be reached for an eighth season of the show. Said Burley, “Because we’re hoping that there will be another season there will not sort of be a period at the end of season 7.”

In other words WEEDS fans, keep your fingers crossed.

New episodes of WEEDS airs Mondays at 10PM on Showtime (Wednesdays on Showcase in Canada) Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at clicktowatch.tv