Snappy Answers to Silly Questions with DEGRASSI Star Melinda Shankar

Hot on the heels of our incredibly popular one-on-one with Aislinn Paul comes our second in a series of “Snappy Answers to Silly Questions” courtesy of co-star Melinda Shankar. So just which of her co-stars did Melinda claim has a serious on-set cell phone addiction… believe is destined for greatness… or least like their character? Find out for yourself, after the jump.

The TV Addict: Which cast member is most likely to crack up during a scene?
Melinda Shankar: Oh Jahmil [Dave Turner], because recently it’s been a lot of Dave and Allie and he’s a funny kid. We just have this disease — together — that we can’t stop laughing once we start.

When you’re not shooting, which cast member is most likely to be checking their phones, twittering, texting and what have you?
Melinda Shankar: Usually that’s me! I can’t think of anyone worse than I with my phone, but probably Samantha [Munro] because half the time I’m texting her, she’s one of my best friends so that could be it, only because if I’m messaging so much she’s responding.

Which cast member is least like their character?
Melinda Shankar: I would say either Munro [Chambers] or Annie [Clark] because Annie is not an alcoholic lesbian of any sort and Munro is not a goth or a hoarder. He is a sweet light-hearted guy and Annie is this bubbly girl who is very aware of her surroundings. No one’s really identical to their character, but I think they’re the two most separated.

Which cast member has the messiest dressing room?
Melinda Shankar: Definitely the boys, to be general because with the girls you’ll always find their clothes are back on the hanger and not thrown on the ground. In fact, I’d say that they’re all equally messy, they’re all just boys, even in the Green Room they’ll have their food and drinks and just leave it there.

Which cast member that you don’t usually get to shoot scenes with would you like to work with more?
Melinda Shankar: I don’t get to do a lot of scenes with Jordy [Jordan Todosey], but I’ve had a few and especially coming up there have been a couple which makes me know that I would like to do more scenes with her because they’ve always been really fun. Plus, it’s nice to see Jordy transform from this gorgeous girl into her character Adam. Putting all this work into just changing herself into being a boy, it’s kind of refreshing because as Alli, unless she has a crazy storyline, I don’t really have to change myself as much, it’s just more acting with the words are saying as supposed to changing myself and my mannerisms.

Which cast member leads the most interesting off-camera life for the purposes of a reality TV show?
Melinda Shankar: That’s an awesome question. Another tough one! Samantha and I get bored really easily so we’re always doing these crazy things. We’re kind of adrenaline junkies, she went bungie jumping yesterday and staying still is not something we like to do. So I think her, because she’s not about the norm, she’ s about taking that extra step and just being a little crazier which makes her the best ever.

With DEGRASSI’s alum having a history of going onto not-so-much better, but bigger things (see: 90210’s Shenae Grimes, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Nina Dobrev and TERRA NOVA’s Landon Liboiron), which of your cast mates would you be least surprised to get picked up by a big American show next?
Melinda Shankar: Oh that’s hard because everyone is really talented, but I remember before Jahmil [French] was even on the show I was watching FLASHPOINT he had this amazing intense episode I just remember being so impressed and then being so excited when he was cast on the show. I think he’s just one of the most talented actors cast on the show and I’m really happy to work with him. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Jahmil goes onto to do great things and as everyone knows if they’ve seen the behind the scenes videos he’s never standing still and always dancing. He can dance, he can rap, he’s pretty much a triple threat, he’s awesome.

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