Infographic: UK Originals Versus US Adaptations, Who Did it Better?

Ricky Gervais or Steve Carell? POP or AMERICAN IDOL? SKINS on E4 or MTV?From the very first moment some brash enterprising Network Executive reached the conclusion that it’s far easier to adapt already proven concepts from the UK than spend the time, money and energy that goes into developing original material, a debate has raged. Which version is better: The UK originals or their US counterparts? And while we don’t pretend to know the answer, our friends over at seem to think they do. Agree, disagree, see for yourself, after the jump.

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  • Anonymous

    I would also say that Being Human UK is far, far better than the Syfy version. And surprisingly, I think Shameless US tops the original.

  • Cameron

    What about Coupling? ūüôā Couple horrible episodes in USA and the funniest series on UK-television.

  • Sretav

    Yeah, they missed Shameless. While the UK original is (or was) very good (I haven’t seen it since season 4), the US redo is really, really good and I suspect may get even better as they move into more original territory for season 2.

  • Liz

    Definitely. ¬†I stopped watching the US version after the 2nd episode. ¬†And not because they basically just ripped off the UK plotlines, but mainly because of the bad acting, bad dialog, lame jokes…

  • Burn Notice fans might want to check out the US version of Touching Evil. I loved the original and can’t remember any particular love/hate with the remake besides it being an early Jeffrey Donovan show. Vera Farminga is in that too as well as¬†Bradley¬†Cooper.¬†

  • Marggy

    I disagree. I had a hard time getting through the UK version. When the SyFy version came out I was relieved to see that it fixed a lot of things that I thought were lacking in the UK version. It just sort of fleshed some things out. It was just much better developed overall, in my opinion.

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  • The UK version of the Apprentice is a million times better than the US version of the show. Sir Alan Sugar doesn’t keep people around because they’d make good television and honestly wants to find a good employee. Donald Trump plays up to the camera and is incredibly obnoxious and short sited. Very odd that they picked the US version as superior.