ANDERSON! KATE! CHENBOT! The TV Addict Week in Rewind

Least Liked Woman In America: Not only does every BIG BROTHER viewer hate that Julie Chen ruins eviction night on the reality fest, but the New York Post now reports that the Chenbot is ticking off her fellow THE TALK hosts.
The “Make It Stop!” Award Goes To… : Anyone and everyone — including you, Nigel Lythgoe — who thinks what television needs is yet another singing competition. This week, Lythgoe — aka AMERICAN IDOL’s executive producer — announced a new show searching for a singing family. Because America’s just dyin’ for the next Von Trapp clan to come along.
Oddest Exit: Feeling hurt and betrayed, a weeping Gia decided to check out of the BACHELOR PAD. “Everyone is so sneaky and so fake. And I’ve just, I’ve never met such devious people in my life,” she said as if she’d never seen the show before… despite having appeared on it last season.
The “Geez, Was This Even A Question?” Award Goes To… : Bravo, who announced they would not film the funeral of Russell Armstrong, who killed himself last week.
Worst Excuse: Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell, who stormed off the PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT show when the host dared to ask questions about her stance on gay marriage, later claimed his questions were “border-line creepy” and that “he would not stop trying to talk about sex.” Click here for the video.
Least-Anticipated Fall Line-up: Even Oprah Winfrey’s staunchest fans weren’t particular excited to hear that the network’s weeknight line-up would feature a pre-primetime Rosie O’Donnell chatfest followed by repackaged Oprah reruns dubbed OPRAH’S LIFECLASS. Desperate for any kind of publicity, we fully expect a re-eruption of the lame-to-begin-with Rosie/Trump feud in 3… 2…
Most Pointless Event: Why is Comedy Central bothering to roast Charlie Sheen? Isn’t that what the entire country’s been doing for a year now?
Least Sexy Idea: Several networks are interested in a SEX & THE CITY prequel… despite the fact that audiences seem generally turned off by the idea.
The “Give It Up, Quang Yee” Award Goes To… : TBS, which needs to stop throwing good money after bad and admit that CONAN has been a disaster.
Oddest Moment: CNN’s Anderson Cooper cracked himself up — for a really, really long time — over a joke about… poo. Click here for the video
Proof That Even Never-Nudes Can Find Love: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s David Cross (Tobias) and Amber Tamblyn (who will forever be a teen in our eyes thanks to her stint as GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Emily), who’ve been dating for years, are now officially engaged.
Tastiest News: Thanks to protest from viewers, it won’t be Shark Week at the Food network, where they’ve agreed to remove shark recipes from their web site and no longer promote the endangered species as an acceptable ingredient.
Most Unheralded Cancellation: KATE PLUS 8 was yanked by TLC network this week, prompting many (including us) to say… “That show is still on?”

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  • Conan is pretty great though.

    I wonder who I’ll end up watching if they take him off the air.