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Two Squints and a Baby: Michaela Conlin Reveals What it’s Like to Have a Baby on BONES

Are you a life-long BONES addict that still has yet to wipe that smile off your face following the outcome of May’s jaw-dropper of a season finale that saw Booth and Brennan finally go where fans have waited six seasons for them to go? Rest assured, you’re not the only one. Just ask BONES co-star Michaela Conlin.

“We’ve [Angela and Brennan] had a few pretty great scenes so far just talking about hormones and baby like things and I’m really glad that they sort of have that to talk about this season. It’s a nice change,” admitted Michaela Conlin in a one-on-one with the TV Addict during Fox’s recent Television Critics Association Party in Los Angeles. “It’s nice to talk about something else other than is she [Brennan] going to get together with Booth. Okay, they are together, now let’s talk about this child they’re going to have to raise!”

Oh, how we’d love to talk about this child Booth and Brennan are preparing to raise. Unfortunately, having so clearly attended the TV Showrunner school of secret keeping, Conlin wasn’t nearly so chatty when it came to the hotly-contested subject surrounding the sex of Booth and Brennan’s baby-to-be (which she knows), the name (which she doesn’t) or the due date (to be determined). Luckily for inquiring minds, what Conlin was only too happy to share was what it is like playing mom to a newborn of her own on set.

“It’s been really interesting having a real child to contend with on the set. It’s hard and definitely keeps you on your toes. The baby we have is beautiful and lovely to work with so it’s been fun so far, but we’ll see how it goes the rest of the season.” said Conlin when asked about how parenthood is treating her small screen alter ego Angela and husband Hodgins. “I’m not sure if it’s in the first or second episode, but I was pretty delighted that they decided to have the real child in the episode because usually with those story lines they’re relegated to daycare.”

One thing Conlin is sure about, well, aside from the fact that the Jeffersonian has top notch daycare (“It’s open all the time!” joked the affable actress), was the one thing she won’t miss during BONES’ upcoming seventh season: Pretending to be pregnant.

“I think we did 12 episodes with Angela being ‘pregnant,’ so I feel like I served my time there,” laughed Conlin ” I definitely am glad I’m not ‘pregnant’ when we have the real thing on set [referring to Emily Deschanel’s real-life baby bump]. I wouldn’t want to be an impostor on set.”

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