We Preview Tonight’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Mid-Season Finale as ‘A’ Raises the Stakes

In tonight mid-season finale, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS shall reveal if ‘A’ will follow through in his/hers deadly game involving the fate of Dr. Sullivan.  Long-suspected to be the possible killer of Allison, and perhaps Ian as well, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are only just beginning to realize how dangerous ‘A’ is and what lengths their anonymous tormentor will go in order to ensure their silence.  For ‘A,’ this is not just a game – it is literally about getting away with murder.  What began as a nasty stream of cyber-stalking and coercion, has become life and death stakes.  Should Dr. Sullivan’s life be forfeit simply because she figured out who was behind the ‘A’ mask?  Can the girls save her before it is too late?  Knowing PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, no one is safe.  Death is what lies at the core of the series, and the game is not over yet.

During a press set visit last week at Warner Bros. Studios, stars of the show took time to share some speculations about the mid-season finale, the upcoming flashback episode airing this Halloween, and what lies ahead for the second half of the second season.  To see what each had to say, you can see for yourself in the following video interviews with Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn and Chad Lowe [Posted Below]

According to Brendan Robinson, his role of Lucas will be showcased in both the Halloween episode and the next part of this season. Lucas is not just the gentle confidante of Hanna, his fate is also intertwined in ‘A’s deadly game.  There is no such thing as an innocent bystander in Rosewood. Everyone is fair game and everyone is either a player or a vulnerable pawn.

Even the seemingly benign Byron, Aria’s father, may not be so unknowing as Chad Lowe candidly admitted.  

With the big reveal of ‘A’s identity looming, as it has been rumored to be revealed in the upcoming second season finale, each piece of the puzzle is falling into place and it is time for the girls to turn the tables on ‘A.’ Not content to be pushed around, blackmailed and used to hurt those they love, the girls formulate a plan to strike back and play the game their own way. ‘A’ may think he or she is in charge, but he/she is but one person (or so we hope). ‘A’ cannot be everywhere all the time.

On a different front, while Tyler Blackburn was quick to reassure fans that Caleb will be back, Tyler’s new webseries WENDY is scheduled to debut online on September 15th and while Caleb’s mother will not be enough to keep Caleb and Hanna apart, the success of WENDY may be a factor to take into account as Tyler’s schedule becomes busier. For those who have seen the previews of WENDY and heard Tyler’s featured song “Save Me,” it is likely that his career schedule will become very packed indeed. So here is to hoping the young actor can juggle his many scheduling demands. Otherwise, Caleb and Hanna will have another hurdle in the story of their young love.

Another couple soon to be in the cross-hairs are Spencer and Toby. ‘A’ does not like to compete for the time and attention of one of its chosen subjects and Spencer and Toby’s romance is taking up too much of Spencer’s time.  In a fit of angry jealousy, ‘A’ lashes out and their love will be tested yet again.

With internal and external factors pressing against them, the Aria/Ezra, Hanna/Caleb, and Spencer/Toby relationships are ticking time-bombs.  The path to true love is never easy or without trials and tribulation.  Let us hope that their love stands the test of time and ‘A’s conniving schemes. 

To see the fate of Dr. Sullivan and what breath-taking cliffhanger the mid-season finale shall leave us at, be sure to tune in Tuesday, August 30th at 8PM on ABC Family. We have a feeling it’s going to be a killer episode.

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