Good News, Bad News: THE WALKING DEAD, Showtime & Hulu

Good News: AMC has just announced plans to extend the upcoming second-season premiere of THE WALKING DEAD to 90 minutes. Bad News: Also extended, the length of the season. Which will, for the first time in AMC’s history, see the increasingly popular Cabler split a season into two parts starting October 16th and February 12th respectively [Source]

Good News: Showtime has renewed THE BIG C for a third season. Bad News: Still no word on the fate of WEEDS, despite the fact that it has just about wrapped shooting on its seventh (and possibly final?!) season. [Source]

Good News: After years of waiting, the incredibly popular online streaming service that is Hulu is finally being made available to TV Addicts outside of the United States. Bad News: For everybody outside of Japan. [Source]

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