Emmy Predictions 2011: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

In anticipation of the upcoming 63rd Annual EMMY Awards (Airing Sunday September 18th at 8PM on FOX, CTV in Canada) theTVaddict.com is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to once again present our GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS 2011*

NOMINEES: Jon Cryer (TWO AND A HALF MEN), Chris Colfer (GLEE), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (MODERN FAMILY), Ed O’Neill (MODERN FAMILY), Eric Stonestreet (MODERN FAMILY), Ty Burrell (MODERN FAMILY)

Whether he’s inadvertently prostituting his wife and daughter in an advertising campaign gone awry, or attempting to teach son Luke the finer points of the family business, Ty Burrell deserves to walk away with an Emmy for not just teaching us the literal ABC’s of real estate (“Always be closing don’t ever forget great home ideas just keep lurking mostly near by often people question realtors sincerity take umbrage violators will be….”), but for managing to keep us rooting for a somewhat cartoonish character that on almost any other show we’d have already tired of.

WILL WIN: Chris Colfer, GLEE
Suffice it to say, it’s not so much a question as to whether or not GLEE’s big breakout star will walk away with a little golden statue, but rather whether young Mr. Colfer will be able to find the time to squeeze a pitch-perfect acceptance speech into his already jam-packed schedule that has the multi-hyphenate actor/writer/producer juggling his GLEE duties with movie shoots, novel writing and television producing.

Note to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences: Don’t make us come down there and review Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness with you. Because we will.

*theTVaddict.com does not guarantee his “winning picks.” Do not, I repeat, Do not bet the house, kids or family pet on them!

  • JRB

    I find it extremely insulting to Chris Colfer when an article like this says someone should win and then a different person will win. Chris colfer is an extremely talented and versatile actor and really deserves to win the Emmy this year. No he didn’t have an overall comedic performance when compared to the Modern Family men, however the catagory is for best performance IN a comedy and not best comedic performance. Overall Chris Colfer has given the strongest perormance out of all the nominees and therefore deserves to win this yesr.

  • Jonathan

    Much as I love Ty Burrell, I do not think his performance was outstanding. Chris Colfer certainly deserves to win this year. I know his overall performance was not comedic, but the catagory is for outstanding actor IN a comedy, it is not for comedic performance. Chri Colfer is an extremely talented actor and he gave an outstanding performance as Kurt in Glee. He should win the Emmy this year.

  • JRB

    Sorry I thought my first comment had not been posted, so I wrote a shorter one, but then they both came up. However, I stand by the comments I made. Chris Colfer deserves to win the Emmy this year.

  • TAB

    Unfortunately JRB, voting members are not teenage girls who are moved by tears of a rosey cheeked schoolboy. Last year they gave this award to an actor who dressed up as a clown.

  • Ace

    It seems odd to give someone a prize in comedy when they cried every single episode of the season.  I’m not saying Chris isn’t great, but it just doesn’t seem right.  My vote goes with Ron fing Swanson.  The other person that was snubbed was Danny Pudi.