The Art of the Press Release: Special NEW GIRL Edition!

Continuing our penchant for highlighting press releases that cut through the clutter comes the latest from the creator of NEW GIRL, Liz Meriwether. See for yourself, after the jump.

Dear Press Member,
I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that the “Pilot” episode of NEW GIRL, a new half-hour comedy starring Zooey Deschanel (“(500) Days Of Summer”) premiering, Tuesday, Sept. 20 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX is now available for review. [Editor’s Note: Non-Press members can “review” NEW GIRL early by downloading the pilot episode for free on iTunes]
I don’t want to over-sell it, but watching this pilot will change your life forever.  You will be sucked into an alternate reality and learn things about yourself you never even thought possible.  You will laugh.  You will gently weep.  You will quit your job and start a rock band.  You will remember we’re in an economic crisis, and desperately try to get your job back….  Yes.  This show will change your life.
Seriously though, we’re really proud of it and excited for you to see it.  We set out to create a show that makes you laugh and makes you feel something, too (hopefully not at the same time- that could be dangerous).  NEW GIRL is about a young woman who, after a nasty break-up, moves into a loft with three guys she meets online – a sarcastic bartender, a jock with an anger management problem and a full-fledged “douchebag.”  It’s like “Three Men and a Baby,” except the baby is a girl who sings to herself on a regular basis.  The show is about men and women learning to live together, help each other and, most importantly, not sleep with each other.  It’s about starting over.  It’s about meeting people online who aren’t trying to kill you.  It’s about a group of people who become a family, whether they like it or not.  They’re all too broke to move out anyway.  Note: Lamorne Morris joins the cast as “Winston” in episode 2 when he returns from playing basketball in Latvia and takes back the bedroom he was subletting to “Coach” (played by Damon Wayans, Jr.).
I’m having such a ball making it, mostly because of the people I get to work with every day.  Jake Kasdan, who directed “Freaks and Geeks”- one of my favorite shows of all time directed the pilot.  And, of course, Zooey Deschanel is JESS.  I think her performance is going to knock your socks off – she’s hilarious, heartbreaking, awkward, adorable and, to top it off, she wrote and performed the theme song. 

All the best,

Liz Meriwether
Creator, Writer and Executive Producer, NEW GIRL

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