Emmy Predictions 2011: Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series

In anticipation of the upcoming 63rd Annual EMMY Awards (Airing Sunday September 18th at 8PM on FOX, CTV in Canada) theTVaddict.com is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to once again present our GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS 2011*

NOMINEES: Edie Falco (NURSE JACKIE), Tina Fey (30 ROCK), Laura Linney (THE BIG C), Melissa McCarthy (MIKE & MOLLY), Martha Plimpton (RAISING HOPE), Amy Poehler (PARKS AND RECREATION)

Despite our absolute infatuation with Amy Poehler’s plucky PARKS AND RECREATION portrayal, when it comes to the battle between criminally-under-appreciated-ratings-anemic laughers, Martha Plimpton’s desperately-in-need-of-a-break Virginia Hope wins by a hair. Specially, the always hilarious follicles of co-star Cloris Leachman

WILL WIN: Laura Linney, THE BIG C
Also known as the one and only positive to come out of the overall awfulness that is Cancer: Awards bait.

Despite being there for us every single Wednesday night at 9:30PM with a consistent willingness to do anything for a laugh, Academy voters have yet to be there for Cox. Who inexplicably enough, remains to this day the only one of the FRIENDS not to garner an Emmy nod.

*theTVaddict.com does not guarantee his “winning picks.” Do not, I repeat, Do not bet the house, kids or family pet on them!

  • No offence to Laura Linney, but I wouldn’t want her to win. Even Weeds is more comedic than The Big C.

  • Anonymous

    Should have been nominated: Patricia Heaton of the Middle.  Cable shows should have their own awards.  A few episodes a year are easier to make than a full season of a network show.

  • I truly hope Martha wins! She definitely has the chops.