Good News, Bad News: HOME IMPROVEMENT’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas, ALIAS’ Jennifer Garner & GLEE’s Ashley Fink

home improvement reunion jonathan taylor thomas

Good News: The cast of HOME IMPROVEMENT, including a now 30-year-old Jonathan Taylor Thomas, recently reunited for an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Bad News: Nothing makes us feel old like a 30-year old JTT. [Source]

Good News: ALIAS’ Jennifer Garner is returning to ABC. Bad News: As a producer of a half-hour comedy based on the book “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth.” [Source]

Good News: Evidently, co-creator Ryan Murphy wasn’t kidding when he promised that GLEE’s third season would see a refocus on the show’s original core characters. Bad News: For actress Ashley Fink, whose 15 minutes have just about run out. [Source]

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  • Heck with feeling old about JTT. Look at the kid who played Mark! He’s fully grown, HUGE, and kinda creepy. Now THAT freaks me out.