Is BEING ERICA’s Journey Coming to an End? Erin Karpluk and Michael Riley Spill All, Plus Which Actors They’d Like to See Step Into Their Shoes on the ABC Reboot

While headlines would have you believe that the likes of Rick Mercer, Callum Keith Rennie and THE BORGIAS were among the big winners following last night’s 26th Annual Gemini Awards (Think: Canada’s Emmy equivalent), we like to think that the biggest winner was us. No really, despite the fact that the nominating committee has yet to take our suggestion for an “Outstanding Television Blogger” category seriously, we did get the opportunity for a brief one-on-two chat with two of BEING ERICA’s biggest stars. Meet Erin Karpluk (Erica Strange) and Michael Riley (Dr. Tom), the talented twosome who were only too happy to take a few minutes to discuss the future of the show, what’s fans can expect from the upcoming fourth season and which famous actor they’d like to see step into their roles in the proposed ABC reboot. See for yourself after the jump.

BEING ERICA returns with brand new episodes this September 26th at 9PM on CBC in Canada.

Photo Credit: G. Pimentel Photography courtesy of ACCT

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