Get It While it’s Still Called COUGAR TOWN! Win The Complete Second Season on DVD

Inspired by last night’s [possibly alcohol-fuelled] tweet by COUGAR TOWN co-creator Bill Lawrence that let it slip that the much-maligned moniker might not be around for very much longer, we figured now might be a good a time as any to give away what might very soon become an incredibly valuable collector’s item: COUGAR TOWN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON on DVD.

To enter to win, simply leave your best suggestion for what Bill Lawrence and Co. might wish to consider renaming the series in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on Friday September 16th (So be sure to enter with a valid email address). Not a winner? Jam-packed with exclusive bloopers, deleted scenes, webisodes and outtakes, COUGAR TOWN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is available at Amazon for a mere $24.99. Or, to put it in terms the Cul-de-sac Crew might better appreciate, two moderately priced bottles of wine.

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  • “Before AA”

  • whatever they name it, it should have this at the end of the title-
    AKA: Cougar Town, cause why they changing the name now?

  •  Okay, another one: “Who needs jobs?”

  • I like that, like COUGAR TOWN: Special Drinking Unit

  • Better With Age

  • Well, Courtney Cox was Monica Bing, so what about ‘Mrs. Sunshine’… “Yay”?

  • I agree. Friends and Neighbors was a good go-to. (It’s unfortunate I can’t be more creative on this.)

  • Word was SUNSHINE STATE was a favorite of Lawrence’s last season but too similar to Perry’s now canceled MR. SUNSHINE. Of course now that MR. SUNSHINE has gotten the axe…

  • “Life in the Sac” (as in cul-de-sac crew!)

  • How about “Sauced in the Suburbs”

  • I’ve seen Friends with Beverages thrown around and I kind of love that name!

  • Amanda N

    I’ve heard “The Drinking Age” and thought that was a good one!

  • Jrogers4014

    Friends with Wine

  • “Better with Age” or “House of Cobb”

  • Adriana Janisse

    Cul De Sac Crew for the win! 

  • Lauren H

    Definitely Friends with Beverages 

  • I like “friends with drinks” or “drinking friends” or “the cul de sac crew”

  • Alyssa

    I’ve always liked “Family Jules” since I first heard it mentioned last year.  I think “Sunshine State” is a terrible name.

  • Emily N.

    Better With Age or Cul-de-sac Crew or Courtney

  • Dominic

    I like the title “Wine and Spying”, from one of the episodes in season two. So funny!

  • Nwid42

    I’m a fan of the Cul-de-sac crew.