Good News, Bad News: THE PLAYBOY CLUB, ABC, Brian Williams & More!

Good News: In a synergistic-cross-promotion that would make 30 ROCK’s Jack Donaghy proud, a star from NBC’s upcoming new series THE PLAYBOY CLUB will be gracing the cover of the October issue of Playboy Magazine. Bad News: Out of all the eligible bunnies at Playboy’s disposal, Laura Benanti probably wouldn’t have been our first choice for cover girl. We’re just sayin’ [Source]

Good News: MURPHY BROWN creator Diane English is returning to television with a pilot commitment from ABC. Bad News: She’s not coming alone. Starring in YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW I’M HERE, English’s sitcom spotlighting a co-dependent father-daughter relationship is ACCORDING TO JIM star Jim “Yes my so-called sitcom lasted five seasons longer than ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT” Belushi. [Source]

Good News: Respected NBC Network news anchor Brian Williams is finally throwing his hat into the Primetime Newsmagazine ring. Bad News: With a show entitled ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS. No really. [Source]

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