Beat the Pull Quote and Win CASTLE Season 3 on DVD

Jam-packed with over 60 minutes of bonus footage including deleted scenes, bloopers and a roundtable featuring a few icons from the world of mystery-solving discussing tricks of the trade with star Nathan Fillion, CASTLE fans will be thrilled to discover that Season 3 on DVD does not disappoint. Except that is when it comes to the pull quote posted on the back of the DVD case (See photo above).

“A Thoroughly Enjoyable Diversion.”

Now far be it from us to tell ABC’s Marketing Department how to do their job, but was “A Thoroughly Enjoyable Diversion” really the best they could come up with? Because if you ask us, a quote that essentially reads… “Well, if you have nothing better to do on a Monday night at 10PM, CASTLE will at the very least keep you from having to converse with your family,” doesn’t quite sum up the romance, humor, mystery and excitement of your average CASTLE episode on any given Monday.

Which is why we thought it might be a fun — not to mention helpful when the time comes to comb through CASTLE’s press clippings for the complete fourth season’s DVD case — to provide ABC’s Marketing Department with a few far more descriptive quotes to choose from.

Think you can do a better job of summing up CASTLE in a brief, pithy and to the point sentence? Post away in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on Friday September 22nd (So be sure to enter with a valid email address). Not a winner? CASTLE: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON is available for pre-order at Amazon for a mere $31.99.

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  • MMiller

    “Humor, Heart, and Heat,” Michael Miller, Castle Fanatic

  • “A novel approach to the procedural drama”
         “Be prepared to do the time, author-wise don’t do the crime”

    “A best-selling crime-drama, with Heat”

  • “Nathan Fillion. Nuff said. Oh, and Stana Katic is hot.”

  • If the sexual tension doesnt knock you over with a feather Kate and Castle will.

  • CastleRocks

    “A more interesting version of Bones!”

  • C. Charles

    “Write Cast, Write Stuff.”

  • Gabrielle Chang

    Kinky, silly detectives plus one writer .

  • “A show loved by women, geeks, and crimebusters alike!”