An In Depth Look At… The Wedding of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s JaSam!

There’s nothing like a wedding to thrill soap fans… but rarely does a couple stir up controversy the way GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jason and Sam do! So with the pair poised to walk down the aisle next week, we asked Soaps In Depth‘s executive editor, Richard M. Simms, what is is about the lovebirds that makes them one of the most passionately-debated duos in recent soap history.

“Oh, geez,” he says with a sigh. “You’re basically asking me to poke at the hornet’s nest with a sharp stick!” It seems that there are two groups of fans who’ve been waging an often nasty war with one another for quite some time now. “On the one hand, there’s the JaSam crew,” Simms explains. “Obviously, they are very big fans of Jason and Sam, and they’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a very long time. On the other side of the proverbial aisle are people who want to see Jason with his ex, Liz. They’re the Liason crew. And whenever those two groups come together, man, things can get really nasty!”

Both sides have reasons for feeling the way they do. Liason lovers can’t support Jason being with a woman who stood back and watched as his son with Liz was kidnapped. And JaSam fans believe that Liz was nothing more than a tryst the hunk would have forgotten all about were it not for the fact that it resulted in her having a baby. (That child, Jake, was killed in one of the most shocking and controversial twists to hit the soap in many a year).

“The two groups will likely never see eye to eye,” admits Simms, adding that while it’s not unusual for soap opera triangles to divide the audience, rarely to things get as nasty as they have between these two groups. “Ever since soaps began, they’ve featured love triangles,” he explains. “A great love triangle does exactly what this one has by creating a situation where half of the audience is rooting for one pair, while the rest of the audience is rooting for the other. It’s a tried-and-true staple of the genre. But every now and then, for whatever reason, a triangle comes along that creates not only a rift but a divide so great that the two factions turn downright nasty.”

Asked to name another recent triangle that inspired such hostility, he mentions THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Phyllis/Nick/Sharon and DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Rafe/Sami/EJ. “Both of those storylines have fans who can be intensely invested, but neither is to the point of the Sam/Jason/Liz folks.”

And what can he tell us about this week’s highly-anticipated (by non-Liasoners) wedding?

“It’s perfect for the couple,” Simms previews. “For weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about how this is going to be a very big, very fancy event. And it’s actually starting to freak the bride and groom out. It’s not that they don’t want to get married. They do. They are very much in love. But they may not necessarily be having the wedding that’s right for them. In some ways, it’s very reminiscent of the wedding between Pam and Jim on THE OFFICE.”

Elsewhere in the new issue, look for a lengthy chat with GH’s Ingo Rademacher, as well as a revealing interview with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Trevor St. John. “A lot of people were very upset when his character, Victor, was killed off a few weeks ago,” says Simms. “Here, he gives his side of the story as far as why he left and what he wish could have been different about it. Finally, with ALL MY CHILDREN ending its ABC run a week from today, look for a loving tribute to the show, including an interview with beloved creator Agnes Nixon and the cast reflecting on their favorite memories.

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  • Atropos22

    So true, and if General Hospital had a brain in its head it would monopolize on that interest and do a BALANCED triangle between Liz/Jason/Sam and get both fanbases watching.  But they don’t.  I’ll never understand it.

  • LiasonLover


  • BornSoapStar

    Most intelligent soaps know how to capitalize on love triangles and dueling fan bases by trying to write dynamic stories that keep everybody tuning in. The morons at ABC did not. Instead, Frons insulted and dismissed a whole fanbase, personally targeted a fan-favorite actress to be fired and killed off a beloved character with  ties to three legacy families to prop his flop of an agenda. Hope GH enjoys showcasing the wedding with the lowest ratings in soap opera history!

  • moira

    I am SOOOO happy for the Jasam wedding!! I have been waiting for this for YEARS! So please, delusional liason fans, get over it! Jason and Sam are endgame! They are perfect for each other. Liz has to worry about her boys. Jason & Sam deserve and belong to each other and I am sooooo excited for their wedding!

  • TrueGHFan

    Jason and Sam are happy and a true fan of the show and any pairing would want each person to be happy. Liz seems pretty happy chasing after Lucky at the moment and Jason loves Sam.