Ladies and gents, allow us to make a not-so-bold prediction: NBC’s new sitcom FREE AGENTS will be the first new show to bite the dust. “What the hell is FREE AGENTS?” you are no doubt asking. Well, let us tell you: It is a sitcom that debuted Wednesday night with absolutely no fanfare and apparently flew so under the radar at the network that nobody noticed a boom mike made it into a shot in the opening scene. The best thing about the show? Anthony Stewart Head (much loved as BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s Giles) was the only true stand-out in the show, bringing a bit of spark to the stereotypical out-of-touch-with-reality boss. 

Why will tonight’s episode of THE SOUP be must-see? Because it could well be host Joel McHale’s last chance to mock BACHELOR PAD’s Vienna and Casey now that the show is over. By the way, if you’re not watching THE SOUP, you should be. McHale — who might well be both the hardest working and funniest guy currently on television — and his team keep the laughs coming at a breakneck pace. Plus, at least twice per week you’ll find yourself saying, “Really? There’s a television show called (insert name here)” only to then be presented with a clip of HILLBILLY HANDFISHIN’ that will leave you unsure whether to set the DVR or light a candle and pray for our immortal souls. 

After having gotten a tad bogged down by the tale in which virginal Hope competes with tramp-in-training Steffy for the heart (and naughty bits) of lucky Liam, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL seems to be getting itself back on track thanks to the battle brewing at Forrester Creations. After years of having slaved in the basement, it looks as if Thorne is teaming up with equally-downtrodden Taylor to stage a corporate coup! For years, fans have complained about the lack of airtime devoted to Thorne, who’s always been treated like a second-class citizen by everyone from the writers to his mother, Stephanie. It looks as if an epic storm is brewing now that Thorne and Taylor have joined forces (and locked lips… despite the fact she kinda ran down and killed his former wife, Darla… bygones!). 

The latest edition of SURVIVOR got off to a decent start. While some criticized the show for bringing Ozzy and Coach back for their third go-rounds, it turns out that having two familiar faces in a crowd of newbies does sort of help avoid that feeling of “Who are all these people?” And let’s face it: Watching Clueless Coach struggle with that opening-challenge puzzle — which created tension in his tribe right from the get-go — was entertaining. But the big question to emerge from the premiere: How the heck long does Brandon  think he can avoid taking off his shirt and exposing the tattoos that will out him as Russell’s nephew? 

While THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS hasn’t been doing much right these days, fans were thrilled to learn that Melody Thomas Scott has inked a new deal and will be bringing longtime heroine Nikki back to Genoa City. The stripper-turned-socialite has been much missed since a contract dispute sent the character off the rehab and her portrayer off the canvas.

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