First Look: Chord Overstreet Gets Stuck in THE MIDDLE of Frankie and Mike Heck

In the upcoming ratings battle between the launch of Fox’s massively-overhyped-mega-behemoth that is THE X FACTOR and the scrappy, hilarious and highly underrated comedy that is THE MIDDLE, it’s nice to know that the ABC laugher isn’t going to go down without a fight. For following star Patricia Heaton’s much-anticipated reunion with her EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND co-star Ray Romano on the September 21st season premiere will be none other than former GLEE star Chord “Trouty Mouth” Overstreet. And here, with your first look at Ralph Wickerson, Brick’s idealistic fourth grade teacher who may-or-may-not be forced to go mano-a-mano with Frankie and Mike Heck on THE MIDDLE’s September 28th episode entitled “Hecking Order” is