Emmy Ballot 2011: Download and Print Yours Here

Continuing our campaign to be recognized as the “Internet’s most useful Television Blog” comes an Emmy tradition more welcoming than Tony Shalhoub’s 47 nomination! Yes indeed, from the fine folks (read: us) who bring you those handy-dandy monthly TV calendars comes your 2011 printable Emmy Ballot. Now you too can amaze your Emmy Party guests with only a click of a mouse. Simply click here to download it, and enjoy.

Oh, and while we’re making your life easier we should probably take this opportunity to remind you that (a) the Emmys air Sunday September 18th at 8PM on FOX (CTV in Canada). (b) Our picks for who should and will win can be found here. And (c) friends don’t let friends watch CBS’ upcoming new “laugher” HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN. #themoreyouknow

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  • Austinba12

    FYI you have Best Comedy and Best Drama mixed up

  • Ajlars4

    ….you mixed up “Outstanding Comedy” and “Outstanding Drama”

  • Fixed! Thanks for the heads up folks.