On TV Tonight: Sunday September 18, 2011

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ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (R) Sunday 20/20: The Sixth Sense
CBS The Good Wife (R) The Good Wife (R) CSI: Miami (R)
FOX 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
NBC Football Night in America Sunday Night Football: Eagles at Falcons
MISC Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) Breaking Bad (AMC)
Against the Wall (Lifetime)

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  • mickey

    we were comming home from oregon on a thanksgiving holiday trip 2006 and we were passing the klamath falls exit area on 101 going south in calif. we saw this vehicle stopped in the middle of the road facing the north direction and an oriental gentleman standing outside of it scratching his head and looking all around as if he was lost and we could see ohter people in the vehicle inside waiting. i told my companion this guy better move his vehicle out of the way or the north-bound traffic would hit them. luckily as we were going south there were no cars around to worry about him getting hit.  the nerxt day or so we saw the news about this same family who got lost up there and realized it was the same folks we saw who were lost going north on 101 near the klamath falls exit. i just happen to be watching tonites story on this incident on your show it  jolted my memory about the 2006 encounter. my email is mickobing@hotmail.com