David Krumholtz Defends THE PLAYBOY CLUB

You can take the actor out of the NUMB3RS, but you can’t take the numbers out of the actor. Or at least that’s how David Krumholtz probably feels when it comes to his latest role that sees him following up six seasons spent playing math whiz Charlie Eppes on the hit CBS procedural by signing on to play an accountant for THE PLAYBOY CLUB.

“I’m happy to be working and really it comes down to character for me, I’m a character actor,” explained Krumholtz on whether he was hesitant about signing onto a very different type of role. “Really there is no preference, if it’s on the page, if it’s brilliant, intriguing and I’m going to have fun that’s all that matters. But it wasn’t like I was going to jump into another math/crime procedural. I’m glad to be doing something else.”

And while Krumholtz is technically still playing a math whiz, in charge of what are surely some very murky books in the infamous Chicago-set club, he isn’t — unlike his previous role — sure as to which side of the law he’ll be coming down on. Admitted the actor, “I’m not so sure if my character is going to be involved in doing bad stuff or trying to be apart of trying to figure out how to end the bad stuff, so we’ll see.”

In fact, having just recently started shooting the first season of THE PLAYBOY CLUB, the only thing Krumholtz is sure of — aside from having already tired of the pointless MAD MEN comparisons — is that the faux controversy surrounding the racy nature of the show is completely misguided. “This is the perfect show to hate so it’s not surprise and kind of typical but I think there is a lot that will surprise those people. I think the show is more biting that people will think it is, I think the dialogue is really really enticing and fun and I think people think it’s a show that’s more stylized than substantive and they’re going to be surprised by how substantive the show is and how many stories are going on,” said Krumholtz. “I think we’ll put all the haters to rest. Yes, it’s a stigma, the whole Playboy thing. But Playboy has always been a classier men’s magazine, in fact it set the standard for men’s magazines. We’re not doing a show about the porn industry and the playboy club is not a strip club.

THE PLAYBOY CLUB premieres Monday September 19th at 10PM on NBC (CityTV in Canada) and stars Eddie Cibrian, Amber Heard, David Krumholtz, Laura Benanti and Jennifer Lewis.