Thrills, Chills and Kills! Shane West and EP Craig Silverstein Spill Some Seriously Exciting Intel on NIKITA Season 2 [Video]

Earlier this month, we here at received a not-so-cryptic email from our good friends at the CW. Our mission, was to attend an exclusive screening of tonight’s NIKITA second season premiere with not just star Shane West but the mastermind himself, executive producer Craig Silverstein. Needless to say, we choose to accept it.

What we found out was simple, NIKITA fans — particularly those of who have been anxiously waiting all summer long to discover just what happens following last May’s shocking season finale — are in for a real treat. Which is to say, NIKITA isn’t just back, she’s badder than ever.  

The second season of NIKITA starts off at a break-neck pace offering more surprises and shocks than one can count in one hour.  There are flying bullets, a betrayal, high-tech wizardry, new faces, old enemies, and interestingly a seamless blend of humor, all tossed into the mix.
With Michael and Nikita on the run with Percy’s “little black box” that could destroy the entire U.S. Government if those secrets were to see the light of day, more than one entity is on the prowl and willing to pursue them to the ends of the Earth to get such an incalculable prize.
Whereas last season, Nikita had the advantage of being the one behind the curtain, pulling the strings and having an unknown mole planted within Division, this season, the tables are turned.  Nikita’s master plan has fallen apart and her former ally Alex is not feeling the love anymore now that she found out that Nikita killed her father.  This season, Nikita is the prey.  She and Michael are not safe as long as they have the “black box” and as long as Alex is uncertain where her loyalties lie; and the problem with training a protégé is that that can come back to haunt you – they know your tactics and safe havens better than anyone.  Thus, there is no safe place for Nikita and Michael.  Yet, pursued or not, they are not exactly easy to corner – and when they are cornered, woe be to those within striking distance.  Division did not train them to be lethal killing-machines for nothing!
So as the returning episode “Game Change” quickly reveals, there are many games afoot.  There are Michael and Nikita maneuvering to be secure and plan their next move to take down Division.  There is Amanda and the Division higher-ups looking to eliminate any future threats before their careers are ruined. There is Alex who is not ready to align with anyone, still skittish from all the revelations she has found out about her past.  And of course, there is Percy, who miraculously survived and has his own carefully crafted plan to regain his rightful position of power once again – and god knows what hell on Earth that he will reign down once he does!  That is, of course, if Percy can extricate himself from the glass cage he currently resides in; and a glass cage is still a cage and Division does not make prisons that are meant to be escaped.
After the special screening, star Shane West and executive producer Craig Silverstein took a few minutes to chat with press about what is upcoming in the second season of NIKITA

As can be seen, if anything, NIKITA is stepping-up its game for the second season.  It is not afraid to amp up the adrenaline and no one is safe.  “Game Change” is a breath-taking thrill ride and a must-see to be believed episode.  Fans are going to love it and it is the perfect jumping in point for new viewers.
NIKITA airs Fridays at 8PM on the CW (CTV Two in Canada) and stars Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Standford, Melinda Clarke and Zander Berkeley. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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