Meaghan Martin Shares Her Experiences in the Magical New Webseries WENDY

In a recent one-on-one with, Meaghan Martin shared what it was like working on the new webseries WENDY and the wonderful message that it has for women of all ages.  It focuses on the story of a young girl who finds her dream-world and real-life converging in a beautiful way and it offers a story of hope and inspiration about self-destiny.

It seems that there has been a very position fan-reaction to the first couple of episodes of WENDY, have you been able to see some of the fans comments online?
MEAGHAN:  Yeah, I have and I’ve been looking at them.  I am really excited. Everyone seems to be enjoying it!

It’s quite beautiful. It’s exactly what young woman and women of all ages just love!  So when did you get to see the final version of WENDY?
MEAGHAN:  I am watching as it is airing, just like everybody else.

So you’re a little surprised as well?
MEAGHAN:  I am! I’m very surprised!

What has been your favorite part of what you have seen so far ’cause it was probably a lot different making it.  Is there anything when you’re watching it that makes you go, ‘Oh my gosh!’?
MEAGHAN:  Yeah, I mean I had no idea how beautiful the lighting and the production value was going to be like.  It just looks so beautiful and our DP did an incredible job, as did our director.  I think my favorite scene so far has been up in the forest, which is in Episode 3, ’cause they worked so hard to make it beautiful with the lighting and they had fog machines going and the forest is already beautiful but they make it so magical.

It is honestly stunning just to look at.  It’s quite unlike anything I’ve seen on a webseries so far!  Can you talk a bit about the background and how you were recruited to be a part of this project?
MEAGHAN:  I had a meeting in New York City with some of the producers of Alloy and they mentioned the project to me and told me that they were doing it as a modern day tale of “Peter Pan” and it sounded really cool, but they didn’t really talk about me being in it.  They just talked about the project itself.  And then about a week later, I got a phone call from my agent saying that they were asking if I would be interested in WENDY in the role of Wendy and I was surprised, but very excited.

It’s like a dream-come-true and you were probably like, ‘Hey, wait, that’s one of my favorite stories!’
MEAGHAN:  Exactly!

How would you describe the character of Wendy?
MEAGHAN:  Wendy is very sweet and very caring and she works to make everybody happy.  She self-sacrifices a lot.  She doesn’t think about her own happiness ’cause she’s so busy thinking about everybody else.

Would you describe her as a good friend, like with her boyfriend and her best friend?
MEAGHAN: I would definitely say that she’s a good friend and a good girlfriend too.  She’s just very privileged.  She’s had family drama and family issues that she’s been trying to work out, but then at the end of the day she hasn’t been thinking about her own.  So throughout the webseries, she discovers that she has to think about it sometime.

What one quality do you admire most about Gwen/Wendy?
MEAGHAN:  I think I would say her selflessness.  Like I think it is very hard to be that type of person — always thinking about others.  Although it is also Wendy’s downfall, I wish I had that.  I wish that was my downfall! That’s not a very bad downfall.  [laughter]

What was it like for you as an actor to work on the webseries?  I understand that it was a really quick film shoot, only taking a few days.  Can you talk a bit about that?
MEAGHAN:  Working on the webseries was great because I didn’t even think it would be set up, but it wasn’t much different than making a television series.  We had long days.  It was 9 days, which is actually really long because the episodes end up being about a half-hour total, and usually a half-hour show shoots for 4 days.  Not 9 days.  So it was longer than you would think and just working on it was just like making a TV show.  It’s a family environment.  Everyone working hard to put out this product.

Were there any specific challenges or was it an easy filming experience?
MEAGHAN:  I think that the challenges had to be the stunts that we did.  We did a lot of stunt work.  There was underwater work that Tyler and I did.  I did falling and I did kind of flying work.  And I had to climb a fence.  There was just a lot stunt work.

Did you actually work with wires?
MEAGHAN:  Yes.  Yes, I did.

Did you ever look around and say, ‘Uh, where’s my stunt person?’
MEAGHAN:  I had stunt people with me.  They were very safe about it.  We had a lot of people on set and they took a lot of time to get the stunts perfect and safe.

Sounds fun!  What would you describe as your favorite moment working on WENDY?
MEAGHAN:  I would say I really did like doing the underwater work.  It was a challenge, but it was a lot of fun. 

It seems like the webseries employed a lot of visual imagery and one of the images that stood out is the angel that we see on the walls or the gates. What does that symbol mean to you or what message is it supposed to convey?
MEAGHAN:  I always thought of her as Tinkerbell actually. In my mind, she was the fairy leading me.  She was the clues leading me to Pete.  Because I see the painting in the dream and I see it on the gate and then I see the painting in the house, so I saw her kind of leading me, almost like a hint to find a way to Pete.

Maybe you can talk a bit about the character of Pete as well as working with Tyler Blackburn a little bit?
MEAGHAN:  Yeah, yeah.  I liked the character a lot because he’s super sexy and kind of mysterious and obviously Wendy is very drawn to him.  And Tyler is hilarious in that role because  — I love Tyler, but I don’t know if I would describe him as “mysterious.”  He’s very funny and he really embodied Pete well.  I just overall enjoyed working with him.  It was always a fun experience. 

So are you prepared if this webseries goes very successfully to possibly continue it as a television series?
MEAGHAN:  I would love that.

We’re hoping it does that well.
MEAGHAN:  Yeah, me too.

I know you probably don’t want to spoil it, but can you describe if the ending of the webseries will be closed, like book-ended, or will it be open-ended for a possibility of a TV series?
MEAGHAN:  It is definitely open-ended!  No doubt about that!  We’re going to leave people on the edge of their seats. 

Oooh, sounds fun.  So in those dream sequences, you get to wear some absolutely fun little outfits, as well as in Gwen’s real-world life.  Can you talk about the costuming in the series?
MEAGHAN:  The dream sequences are funny because I wasn’t sure how they were going to edit it all together in the final product, especially the sequence that had me falling asleep on the couch and then going into the dreamworld and seeing the young version me and the young version of Pete.  I didn’t even realize that they were going to put that in the webseries.  Because we just shot everything all at one time, the dream and real life, we weren’t even sure what was going to be in the dream and what ended up in real life story.  The only thing I did know was that every time I was in that white dress, I was in the dream.

So they made it trickier even for you to figure out which part you were doing. 
MEAGHAN:  Exactly.

How would you describe the central message that the fans should take away from this series?
MEAGHAN:  I think that the message is: being true to yourself and finding what you want out of life — because, like I said, Wendy is very selfless and she’s always trying to do what other people would want her to do; and at the end of the series, she has to make a big decision.

So it is definitely a journey of self-discovery and to find out what your own path is.
MEAGHAN:  Exactly.

Besides the central theme or message, what would you hope that your fans take away from the experience of watching the webseries?
MEAGHAN:  I hope they are entertained.  I hope that they are on the edge of their seats, wanting to know more.  I hope that they like the romance of it and the drama of it.  Mostly, I hope that they like it!

And as you look upon it and are now seeing it, what are you taking away from it?
MEAGHAN:  I think that what I take away from it is hopefully I’ll be entertained.  So far I am!  And also the message of self-discovery, and I think that applies to everybody in all ages and aspects of life.  I know that I’m still figuring out what I want out of life every single day!

WENDY, the 6-episode series, is currently airing new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Facebook and YouTube, with its final episode airing October 6th.  For those curious to know more about the webseries, read’s interview with Tyler Blackburn here.

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