Spending Some Quality Time in SUBURGATORY

With its brash and colorful “Welcome to SUBURGATORY! Escape Is Not An Option” greeting, ABC’s newest addition to its Wednesday night comedy lineup hits the bulls-eye in its charming, yet skewering look at suburban stereotypes and the culture clash of a big city father/daughter who move into the neighborhood.  Starring the perfectly cast Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines and Carly Chaikin, the sitcom is a seamless blend of outrageous humor overlaying a golden heart.

Over-protective single father George Altman (Jeremy Sisto) uproots his 16-year old daughter Tessa (Jane Levy) from the bright-lights of the big city in order to provide her with a more nurturing environment in the suburbs.  But low and behold if the move does not quickly make them wonder if the suburbs are any more wholesome.  As George and Tessa discover, there is an entirely different breed of people living in suburbia – a colorful, conformist, and nosy-neighbor culture  THAT is unlike anything they have ever experienced; and the cloying friendliness is perhaps only inviting on the surface.
But determined to make sure that his daughter is exposed to proper values, George gives it a hearty try with aid of his wealthy, college friend Noah (Alan Tudyk) who gives him entry into the upper wealth community and its exclusive country club. 
George also befriends Dallas Royce (Cheryl Hines), a sympathetic client whose home he agrees to help renovate. By fate and circumstance, Dallas and her daughter Dalia (Carly Chaikin), who is Tessa’s assigned school “buddy”, are soon entangled with the day-to-day lives of George and Tessa.  While Dalia may be resistant to having a new friend thrust upon her, Dallas is only happy to help the handsome single father and provide insight on how to survive life in suburbia. 
Tessa and George may be a bit dismayed by all the changes in their lives and the “fish out of water” feeling that their new environment inspires, but soon they discover that beyond all the plastic, bright color and overwhelming attention, there just might be something worthwhile in the midst of the chaos – whether it be waking up to silence, making new friends, or finding out that it is okay to want something different out of life.  But for now to Tessa it looks and feels like a version of “purgatory” or “suburgatory” as she calls it.  But even “suburgatory” has its moments as Tessa discovers that genuine happiness may be lurking around the corner.
To learn more about the adventures of George and Tessa as their lives collide with the forces of “suburgatory” and the well-intentioned efforts of Dallas, here are video interviews with the cast of SUBURGATORY.

SUBURGATORY premieres Wednesday, September 28th at 8:30PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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