Guest Star Isaiah Mustafa Pitches Why You’re Not Going to Want to Miss Tonight’s CHARLIE’S ANGELS

When it comes to interviewing actor Isaiah Mustafa, it’s probably best that you don’t characterize his hilarious Emmy Award winning work as the ‘Old Spice Guy’ as a ‘TV Pitchman.’

Luckily for this TV Addict, who made the somewhat unfortunate misstep of starting off an interview by doing just that, Mustafa — who was very quick to politely point out that he isn’t a TV pitchman — couldn’t have been more understanding during a recent one-on-one that had him pitching… errr, we mean promoting his latest role on CHARLIE’s ANGELS that sees him stepping into the shoes of Detective Ray Goodson.

“After struggling for 10 years to make it in Hollywood, it didn’t really matter what got my name out there, just as long as I was out there,” explained Mustafa when asked if he was at all worried about being pigeonholed as the ‘guy on a horse’ following the incredible success of the Old Spice commercials. “I embrace it with everything and I’ve been very fortunate to take that platform and continue on.”

Which bring us to tonight’s episode of CHARLIE’s ANGELS, also known as the the next stop in Mustafa’s increasingly busy schedule that included a recent recurring role on CHUCK, this summer’s smash Horrible Bosses and next Spring’s Three Stooges reboot.

“It was an opportunity to be on a great show on a great network.” said Mustafa, who despite appearances was not too young to remember the original series. “How many people can say they were on CHARLIE”S ANGELS?”

So just how does the affable actor get mixed up with the trio of angels? As it turns out, Detective Ray Goodson, who the actor himself described as the ultimate by-the-book good guy used to be engaged to one of them. ‘Used to’ being the operative words.

“Kate was a criminal and Ray couldn’t handle getting caught up in some crazy life that he didn’t approve of,” revealed Mustafa. “Without getting into the episode too much, you’ll find out just how deep the relationship between them was, why they broke off their engagement, what caused the break up, the feelings since the break up and current feelings. You get it all in the hour, isn’t that amazing!”

And to think, Mustafa claims he isn’t a pitchman.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS airs Thursdays at 8PM on ABC and stars Annie Ilonzeh, Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Ramon Rodriguez. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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