TV Ratings: Wednesday September 28, 2011 (Audiences Welcome SUBURGATORY to the Neighborhood!)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX The X Factor 11.51 3.9/11
CBS Survivor: South Pacific 10.45 3.1/9
ABC The Middle 8.55 2.6/8
NBC Up All Night 5.34 2.1/6
CW H8R 1.42 0.6/2
8:30PM ABC Suburgatory 9.80 3.3/9
NBC Free Agents 3.10 1.0/3
9PM ABC Modern Family 13.23 5.6/14
CBS Criminal Minds 12.62 3.6/9
FOX The X Factor 11.51 3.9/11
NBC Harry’s Law 7.44 1.2/3
CW America’s Next Top Model 1.71 0.8/2
9:30PM ABC Happy Endings 7.37 3.2/8
10PM CBS CSI 11.64 3.0/8
ABC Revenge 8.55 2.7/7
NBC Law & Order: SVU 7.14 2.0/5

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting.  After a few networks declared comedy “dead” a few seasons ago, notice how America FLOCKS to a new show that can deliver laughs….like Big Bang, Mike & Molly, Modern Family, The Middle, and now Suburgatory. 

    True, America is still too stupid to “get” the intelligent comedy of shows like Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, etc.  But the large ratings (and repeatable episodes!) for comedies should most definitely encourage network heads to keep the laughs coming.

    BTW, the girl on Suburgatory (Jane Levy) is both hot and quite a find.  

    AAAAANNNDDD….Revenge may be my new favorite guilty pleasure.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad that Tyra & CW would let Top Model die without even *trying* the one cycle stunt that would draw new eyeballs, a male model version.  Is Tyra just too intimidated or afraid of men?  I don’t get it.  People are supposed to be “excited” about these “all star” has-beens from the past?  Really?  And what’s coming up for the next cycle, besides the departure of the most interesting judge? 

    Why isn’t someone with some common sense stepping in here?

  • Anonymous

    Last night’s episode of the Middle was the funniest thing on TV so far this year.  It’s a great show running on all cylinders.  Suburgatory wasn’t bad.  Makes for the best hour of comedy on TV.
    If only NBC could find something worthy of following Community.

  • Anonymous

    I will agree, Grumpy, The Middle is great…especially the kids.  It’s amazing how great all the kids are on both The Middle and Modern Family.  And Cheryl Hines on Suburgatory…she’s just a comic genius.

    Gotta disagree about NBC.  I can’t find the funny in Community, while Parks & Rec is completely hysterical.  Weird how things strike different people as funny.