Further Evidence That It’s Rarely a Good Idea to Judge a Book by its Cover: Having already had the [dis]pleasure of sitting through the pilot, we can assure you that the just released key art for MAN UP (above) is far more clever than anything the first episode has to offer.

And This Week’s Award for Best Use of an Apartment Hallway Goes to…: THE GOOD WIFE’s Will and Alicia, whose scandalously sexy scene that shed some much needed light on why he was going so hard on her… at the office.

Most Welcome Return: If you were one of the five or six million viewers who didn’t stick around following MODERN FAMILY for the much-anticipated return of HAPPY ENDINGS, you not only missed out on one of the funniest cold opens in recent memory, but a valuable lesson on shellfish shucking.

Only in Hollyweird: Does self-professed conductor of the crazy train Charlie Sheen walk away with a reported settlement of 25 million dollars for his antics over the course of the past year.

Most Valuable Guest Star: Suffice it to say, the only disappointing thing about Victoria’s (Ashley Williams) unexpected return on Monday’s fantastic HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was that the woman we want to see Ted end up with doesn’t look to be sticking around.

Biggest Mystery: Somebody really needs to explain to us why exactly the Parents Television Council seem to be wasting all this time and energy in pressuring advertisers to boycott THE PLAYBOY CLUB. I mean far be it from us to tell the PTC how to do their job, but a simple look at the ratings would have us leaving well enough alone and let nature take its course.

This Week in Career Aspirations: Complete with plush seating, video games, and SnakeJuice galore, somebody is gonna need to fill us in on how we can get an interview with Tom Haverford and Jean Ralphio’s entertainment 7twenty on PARKS AND RECREATION. Seriously, we really could use an iPad.

Best Reversal of Fortune: Remember a few seasons back when certain members of the media had already taken it upon themselves to proclaim the death of comedy on television? Well, based on this season’s early ratings results for the likes of newcomers NEW GIRL, 2 BROKE GIRLS, and SUBURGATORY, reports of the genre’s death may have been greatly exaggerated. Just slightly.

This Week in First World Problems: What do PERSON OF INTEREST, THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE SECRET CIRCLE, PARKS AND RECREATION, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, AWKWARD, UP ALL NIGHT, PARENTHOOD, RINGER, 90210 and GLEE all have in common? Each of them are anxiously awaiting to be watched on our far-too-crowded-for-our-liking DVR/PVR.

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  • Liz

    So understand.  My PVR is bursting.  

  • Irish Joe

    I agree… Normally I can keep up with shows in premier week, but this year I am being snowed under, a lot of great new shows have come on the air this year…

    However, after 2 episodes each, I have decided to drop Playboy Club and Up All Night…

    October brings with it another set of series periers too, at this rate I will be backed up until Christmas!!

  • Seriously, I’m so backlogged on my TV shows, I haven’t watched a movie in ages.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like there aren’t a lot of “great” shows out this year, but there are certainly plenty that are worth my time.  There is some good television, but nothing life altering.  However, I am betting that Homeland comes pretty close.

  • Anonymous

    I have two DVRs and they are both nearly full.  Definitely a first world pains situation.