• Holy $#*! Yet another blog is being turned into a TV series.
• I Spy… Sarah’s long lost mom on CHUCK.
• Must See TV: The entire 100 minute ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT reunion.
• Joshua Malina FTW: Top 7 Reasons SPORTS NIGHT will never get an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT-style revival.
• What Went Wrong? Second Time No Charm For PLAYBOY CLUB, CHARLIE’S ANGELS and PRIME SUSPECT.
• Advantage Showtime, as both DEXTER and HOMELAND premiere big.
• In Case You Missed It: Your Downloadable and Printable October 2011 TV Calendar.

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t recall if I put my prediction in print or not, but I sensed that the Charlie’s Angels reboot would be D.O.A. from the get-go.  As for Playboy Club, America has already rejected Fox’s drama about the porn industry and CBS’s Swingtown…so, apparently, there isn’t a bit market (surprisingly) for lurid themes on network TV.  Go figure.  I didn’t like the recast, dumping Jeff Hephner for Eddie Cibrian, either. 

    Prime Suspect?  Would never get even a second thought or first look from me.