Daley’s Got a Gun! We Preview BONES Season 7 with Super Sweet Star John Francis Daley

After a season spent juggling a blossoming writing career that culminated in this summer’s Horrible Bosses, it’s not hard to image that actor John Francis Daley — who co-wrote the hit film alongside writing partner Jonathan Goldstein — might be looking forward to returning to his supporting role on BONES this year. Little did he know that thanks to Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy, his once cushy role that usually saw him effortlessly pop-in-and-out-of any given episode with a dollop of advice or a memorable one-liner would be a little different this season.

“Because Brennan is somewhat incapacitated by the fact that she’s pregnant and can’t really go into more dangerous situations as she’s used to, it falls to Sweets to step up, “explained Daley during a recent one on one with the TV Addict in Los Angeles. “He’s sort of Booth’s right hand man at the start of the season, investigating, interrogating and visiting the scene of the crime.”

In short, the mild-mannered FBI psychologist fans have come to know and love… will get a gun.

And while Daley was not surprisingly tight-lipped as to what complications Sweets packing heat will mean to the team, well, except to say, “his skill is not what you would expect it to be,” the affable actor did stress that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Suffice it to say, a firearm isn’t about to keep fan’s favorite doctor from getting his nose up in everybody’s business!

“He’s always been the cheerleader for Booth and Brennan getting together so he’s very pleased, but obviously once they get together it doesn’t end there.” admitted the actor when asked what affect his character will have on the evolution of Booth and Brennan’s relationship. “There’s still this relationship to sort of navigate and that is what a lot of this season is about. Them figuring out how to continue working together while they have this baby. Especially because it’s unclear at first what their relationship is classified as.”

Less ambiguous, will be Sweets own personal life, which will become exponentially less rocky now that Daisy’s real-life alter ego Carla Gallo’s pilot [BIRD DOG] was passed on by TNT. “I think some of last season’s on-again-off-again between Sweets and Daisy had more to do with the fact that Carla [Gallo] had a pilot. I think they love each other very much and now that she’s coming back I’m really excited.”

Indeed, if anyone has reason to be excited this season, it’s the star of a hit television show who spent his down time partially penning one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters! Which naturally raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Does the success of Horrible Bosses mean the end of Sweets on BONES?

“My writing partner [Jonathan Goldstein] doesn’t want me to continue acting because it takes time away from us writing!” Joked Daley, being sure to add on a more serious note. “Writing is an entirely different side of the entertainment industry and just as fun in a completely different way but I always want to act. I’m open to doing anything as long as it’s creative.”

BONES returns on Thursday November 3 at 9PM on FOX (Global TV in Canada) and stars David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Daley. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at clicktowatch.tv

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