Reason To Thank Every Celeb You Hate: The CW pulled the plug on moronic reality outing H8R and will put in its place reruns of RINGER… which is awesome news for anyone whose taping schedule didn’t allow them to catch that show in its first-run slot! 
Most Misleading Title: If there is one single thing in CBS’ AMANDA KNOX: THE UNTOLD STORY that hasn’t been reported elsewhere in the endless coverage of the story, I’ll eat spinach AND brocolli. Yes, I’m that confident.
Best Celeb Blog: THE OFFICE’s Mindy Kaling (creator of Things I’ve Bought That I Love) is now writing on theconcernsofmindykaling… largely about things she’s bought and loves. (Don’t miss her lovely tribute to Steve Jobs!)
Coolest Idea: Sure, you still have to sit through commercials, but’s “Ad-Swap” button at least gives you an option as to which commercials to watch!
Lamest Programming Slate: The folks at Yahoo announced a series of on-line shows, all of which were unscripted reality offerings with not a single original idea among them.
Best Read Of The Week: EW’s PopWatch featured a hysterical piece by Joshua Malina on the 7 reasons SPORTS NIGHT will never be made into a movie. Reason No. 4? “Felicity Huffman lives on an enormous pile of $50 bills somewhere in the Himalayas. Access to her is limited.”
Least Newsy Story Of The Week: “We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for the breaking news that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not running for president… just as he has said repeatedly from the beginning. The difference? This time he really, really means it.” 
Proof Your Mom Is Underpaid: At least two stars of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK will reportedly earn — and we use that word loosely — $500,000 next season. And we bet they won’t clean a single room or cook a single meal.
Funniest Dust-up: ESPN and Hank Williams Jr. (crooner of the theme song for Monday Night Football) recreated the classic “You can’t fire me… because I quit!” scene for realsies in the wake of his comparing President Obama to Hitler.
Proof of the Apocalypse: The Kardashian family continued their unofficial world domination by hosting the already-pointless fourth hour of TODAY.
Duh!: Netflix revealed that 50-60 percent of its streaming audience is watching television shows. We suspect a good 85-90 percent of those people are watching DOCTOR WHO or MAD MEN.
They Renewed What? Cinemax is moving forward with a second season of STRIKE BACK despite the fact that our informal survey couldn’t find a single person who’d ever even heard of it.
Oddest Sighting: GOSSIP GIRL’s Penn Badgley joined the Occupy Wall Street protesters… despite nobody being able to actually explain specifically what they hope to accomplish.
Favorite New Way of Measuring Time: We forgot all about dog years the moment DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Gabby told her hubby, “It’s been 38 days since we last had sex… that’s like 3 years in hoo-ha time.”
Return You Can Dance To: Thank you, VH-1, for bringing back POP-UP VIDEOS!
Most Unbelievable Doubletalk: Simon Cowell tried convincing folks that when he’d said THE X FACTOR would be a failure if it got less than 20 million viewers (it’s averaging 12), he didn’t mean from the start… he meant by the end. Something tells us even Paula Abdul didn’t buy that one.
Strangest Accent: We can only guess that REVENGE’s Connor Paolo has donned the ridiculous speech patterns of a SOPRANOS character in an effort to separate new character Declan from GOSSIP guy Eric.
Favorite New Way of Measuring Time: We forgot all about dog years the moment DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Gabby told her hubby, “It’s been 38 days since we last had sex… that’s like 3 years in hoo-ha time.”

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  • gerald christie

    Why did you repeat one? The revenge one, to be exact. You could of posted the huge Ringer cliffhanger

  • “Creepiest Contestant: SURVIVOR’s Brandon Hantz — whose approach has been to blame others for his own weaknesses, freak in the face of temptation and then talk about God — is so hypocritical that we have to assume he’s a Republican.”

    Okay, really?

  • Ace

    I really don’t understand why Joshua Malina isn’t employed more.  He is hysterical.