11:59PM: The Q&A portion of the panel kicked off following a screening of tonight’s fantastic episode that sheds some much-needed light on Sixer leader Mira’s motivations while building the beginnings of a very-welcome wedge between Jim Shannon and Commander Taylor. In attendance were executive producer Brannon Braga, Stephen Lang (Commander Taylor) and Jason O’Mara (Jim Shannon).

12:00PM: In response to tonight’s episode that will leave fans scratching their heads over what the purpose of the colony is all about, the panel’s moderator posed Brannon Braga that very question. “Well clearly something else is afoot that has something to do with the year 2149 and it’s not good,” said a very coy Braga. “Mira is not so different in her motivations than the colony, she just wants a better life as well, but is going about it in an entirely different way.”

12:02PM: According to O’Mara, hanging from a wire for three hours while a dinosaur attempts to bite your head off is not nearly as much fun as the script makes it seem!

12:04PM: “I get to smile,” was what Lang liked best about Monday’s episode. “Taylor develops incrementally, clearly there’s a darkness there, which will begin to reveal in a very slow and methodical way.”

12:06: Attention fellow TV Addicts who may-or-may-not be hesitant to jump on board TERRA NOVA for fear that Fox will, for lack of a better word, ‘Pull a FIREFLY’ by yanking the series before the mysteries put forth in the pilot have been solved. Don’t be! “It’s worth noting that all the mysteries we have laid out will be completely and fully answered by the end of the first 13 episodes,” promised Braga. “The Sixers and Jim Shannon/Commander Taylor’s relationship comes to a really explosive climax in what will be a final 2-hour episode airing in December.” For his part, O’Mara claimed to be quite surprised as to how much of the mythology the show is answering, pointing to a slew of LOST imitators [Read: FLASHFORWARD, THE EVENT, THE NINE] that tried and failed over the course of the past few seasons.

12:09PM: Stephen Lang calls tonight’s instalment the perfect example of an episode that balances the mythology aspect of the series with the necessity of a weekly adventure.

12:10PM: From the files of ‘Only at Comic Con,’ a fan kicked off the Q&A portion of the panel by asking how a wooden fence surrounding the colony is capable of warding off Dinosaurs and other such creatures only to face a rebuttal from O’Mara himself, “If it was made of anything else you’d probably be asking how we got that through the portal!” Oh Snap.

12:11PM: More from the files of ‘Only at Comic Con,’ a fan claims she went to school with Lang’s daughter and wanted to know the name of the movie he worked on about a Panda. Fun Fact: It was called The Amazing Panda Adventure and featured a pre-Mini-Mi Verne Troyer as a man in a Panda suit. Joked Lang, “I actually tossed him in the movie. I’m a Dwarf tosser!”

12:12PM: Awwwwwww Alert! An upcoming episode will feature what O’Mara called a true Jurassic Park moment as the Shannon family witnesses a baby dinosaur hatching.

12:14PM: Even more from the files of ‘Only at Comic Con,’ has a fan asking both Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang, who previous to TERRA NOVA starred in LIFE ON MARS and Avatar respectively, why they insist on playing the same roles over and over again. “I’m a science fiction fan, Star Wars changed my life,” explained O’Mara. “I’m attracted to bigger ideas so that does narrow the field if you don’t want to do a cop/lawyer/doctor show.” Added Lang, “If I’m being cast as a charismatic silver fox macho old guy at this time in my life, I can deal with that.”

TERRA NOVA airs Mondays at 8PM on FOX (CityTV in Canada) and stars Jason O’Mara, Landon Liboiron, Stephen Lang, Shelley Conn, Naomi Scott, Alana Mansour, Christine Adams and Allison Miller. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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