We Preview THE LYING GAME Mid-Season Finale with Star Alexandra Chando

In anticipation of tonight’s mid-season finale of THE LYING GAME, theTVaddict.com recently had the opportunity to interview Alexandra Chando. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the talented series star who is currently pulling double-duty playing identical twins on the hit ABC Family series was somewhat tight-lipped when it came to whether or not Sutton and Emma’s web of lies and deceit will catch up with them. In fact, the only thing we know for sure is that tonight’s episode gives new meaning to the term “Game Changer.” But hey, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself after the jump.

Since you play the twins, Sutton and Emma, do you ever feel like you’re rooting for one over the other; or are you torn over which one deserves Sutton’s life?
ALEXANDRA:  Based on who they are, I feel for Emma and I do root for her.  But, on the same token, Sutton — granted it was her decision to have Emma kind of take over her life, but I do feel for her as well because I think that she didn’t know what she was getting into when she had this idea.  So I feel like it kind of back-fired and I do feel for her as well.

Do you have the sense that perhaps Sutton has the suspicion or inkling that her friends and family may prefer Emma over Sutton and that she may have a problem trying to reclaim her life?
ALEXANDRA:  Probably.  I know enough that there is an upcoming interaction between Sutton and her mother and I think it is very clear that the relationship-dynamic has changed between the two of them.  So I think that is definitely a red-flag for her and she can see that Emma is definitely treated her friends and family differently than she had. 

So she has some kind of idea that things might be changing.  Do you think that her plan may have back-fired on Sutton because she went in search of her birth-mother and that makes her current foster parents feel rejected; thus perhaps fuelling the rejection they may feel in return once they find out about what she did?
ALEXANDRA:  I don’t know.  I definitely think that she is in way over her head and coming back, she kind of sees that.  I think she kind of regrets a lot of her decisions and regrets the fact that it went on as long as it did.

What is one quality you admire the most about each of the twins since they are such different characters?
ALEXANDRA:  Emma’s warm-heartedness and care for others; and Sutton’s strength and ability to navigate through situations no matter what the variables are.

In trying to distinguish between the twins, is there something that you physically do as an actress to try to define and shape them besides their hair styles and clothes — are there different body postures you employ?
ALEXANDRA:  Definitely! With Sutton, she holds herself with very perfect posture and just the way she stands.  She’s just a solid individual.  She’s a presence when she stands, and I try to do as much as I can in her body language.

Do you ever find yourself in a scene wondering which character you’re playing, or is it easy for you distinguish between them?
ALEXANDRA:  For the most part, it is pretty easy to distinguish. I think in the beginning it was a little tough.  Then with the names, like in this last episode, everyone was calling Sutton “Emma,” so that was difficult.  I am so used to Sutton being Sutton, and Emma being Sutton.  So that got a little confusing.  I have to check myself every now and then.  But for the most part, the way that the roles are written, it really helps to differentiate as well and it helps me to not get confused in the situations that they are in.  We also try to film them separately on different days, so that also helps. I’ll be Sutton all one day, and Emma the rest.

If you could sit down Emma and Sutton, what kind of advice would you give each of them to give them clarity on where their lives should go?
ALEXANDRA:  I would tell Sutton to not take the family that she has for granted, which she has.  I mean, she was raised in a really great environment and setting; though now we know Ted is a little bit of a liar, but for the most part she was brought up in a really great household and she was really unappreciative of that.  And I think, for her, one of the things is not to take that for granted and that while it is okay to be self-reliant, she is a selfish individual and she needs to be more caring of others.  Then, for Emma, I don’t know what I’d say to her.  I feel like Emma has a really good head on her shoulders.  That’s a tough one.

As an actress, you get to wear some really fabulous clothes on the show.  Do you ever feel like you would like to take some of it home and keep in your own closet?
ALEXANDRA:  Yes, every day! Our costume designer is fantastic!  She finds the coolest stuff and puts together these awesome outfits.  Outfits that I wouldn’t necessarily think to put together on my own, but they definitely inspire me in my real life, and I wish I could take every article of Sutton’s clothing home.  Even her shoes, which some of them are really uncomfortable, they are really awesome!

So what can you tease about the mid-season finale?
ALEXANDRA:  Well, Sutton and Emma are reunited and there’s definitely some juicy drama happening there.  Emma throughout the episode is troubled about whether she would be honest and what she should do — should she leave — if she should tell everybody who she is — and expose herself.  And some more secrets and the cliff-hanger — just the cliff-hanger alone is enough to have people tune-in.  It’s really worth it.

With the promise of an exciting and climatic mid-season finale ahead as Sutton and Emma fight for life they both want, but perhaps only one will get what she deserves, be sure to tune in on Monday, October 17th at 8PM on ABC Family Channel.

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