2:57PM: Following an action-packed sizzle reel, NIKITA’s NYCC Panel moderator Eric Goldman of IGN fame introduced executive producer Albert Kim alongside actors Maggie Q (Nikita) and Shane West (Michael).

3:00PM: “By the midseason closer people are going to be shocked at where we’re at, who we’re working and who we’re not working with,” teased a very excited Maggie Q. Emphasis on the, ‘not working with.’

3:01PM: Spoiler Alert! Despite the fact that Michael has not been back to Division this season, a reaction on stage by his portrayer Shane West makes it clear that he’s already shot a scene there!

3:02PM: Bad News ‘Mikita’ Fans! According to Kim, there are some good obstacles coming up for Michael and Nikita, really adult problems that are going to challenge them. Teased Maggie, “Normally if something happens between a couple there is always a side to take, but this problem upcoming is that big of a problem and one that may tear Michael and Nikita apart.” Oh, and while we’re on the subject of problems we should probably mention that an upcoming episode of the show involves a beautiful women from Michael’s past who reaches out to him for assistance named Cassandra. Could she be the obstacle in Michael and Nikita’s way? Stay tuned.

3:05PM: One of the big themes of the season will be Nikita dealing with her past. A past that coincidentally enough will come back to haunt her in an upcoming episode when she comes face-to-face with her father.

3:06PM: “It’s been great putting Percy in the box, director’s love it, they all want shoot there,” revealed Kim who was not surprisingly tight-lipped when it came to when exactly Xander Berkeley will get out of the box. “It’s no fun to have him locked up forever, so the question is not only how will he get out, but who will help because he won’t be able to get out on his own, which you’ll see over the next few episodes.”

3:09PM: Fans of Devon Sawa will be thrilled to discover that you haven’t seen the last of him. “Owen is definitely in our future plans, we love him and the chemistry Devon has with Maggie.”

3:10PM: Flashback Friday! Not only will the upcoming sixth episode of the season feature flashbacks to Division, the early years, it will show Nikita and Michael in an entirely different light. Elaborates Maggie, “Amanda cut my hair, Nikita just got to Division, she doesn’t want to be there, and she’s always wondering who this dude in the goatee is who is always watching me. You get to see the early dynamic between Michael and Nikita before the spark.”

3:15PM: Perpetually unlucky in love Birkhoff may finally see some love this season when he begins to form a relationship with his replacement at Division, Sonia.

3:20PM: “He’s a person who is a full outsider, with a very firm world view,” explained Kim when asked how recently introduced former Seal Team Member Sean will fit into the puzzle. “Unfortunately, the longer he’s in Division the more he begins to realize what a nest of vipers they are, which starts to affect his actions. The more Sean becomes entangled, the more he begins to act in very uncharacteristic ways.”

3:25PM: The audience portion of the Q&A kicks off with one of those only at Comic Con moments in the form of a marriage proposal for Shane West.

3:27PM: For any and all fans who may-or-may-not be holding their breath for the backstory on Amanda‚Ķ don’t! “The more mysterious Amanda is the scarier she is,” explained Kim. “We [the writers] have talked about it a lot, but you kinda don’t want to pul back the curtain on that character too much.” As for Percy, Kim was only too kind to reveal something he once shared with a Twitter reader, “His favorite subject was math because he loved Division!” Being sure to add on a slightly more serious note, “We’ll get into his origins and how they are tied to Division soon.”

3:29PM: Another “Only at Comic Con” moment comes from a fan who asks Shane to take off his shirt. Promises Kim, “Shane takes his shirt off in the next episode!”

3:33PM: Maggie’s hilarious response to a fan who proclaims that he never forgets to DVR the show, “We really need you to watch it live!”

3:40PM: “One thing about [executive producer] Craig Silverstein, who created the show, is he’s very insistent that we don’t take the expected route both in terms of story and what’s coming up for us,” revealed Kim on the hard-work that goes on in the writer’s room. “He’s incredibly tuned into characters and storylines and actually has a [fake] detonator to blow up stories. As a writer, your first thought is probably not going to be good enough so we work really hard to break stories organically.”

3:42PM: Further evidence that everybody involved in NIKITA, both in front and behind the camera are awesome comes this anecdote from Maggie Q following the unexpectedly tragic death of one of her beloved dogs via heart attack. “The day my dog died I came to the set and nobody wanted to talk to me because I was of course destroyed. But at the end of the day I was walking by my trailer and one of the crew members gave me a card saying that they had collected $700 to donate to Pitbull rescue in my name. We just have the best people working on the show. Everybody on the cast has a dog, there are dogs everywhere, it’s awesome.”

3:44PM: The interrogation of executive producer Albert Kim continues with yet another question on Percy’s fate. Apparently, not even Kim knows when he’ll escape from his prison. Said Kim, “Things will definitely start accelerating with his story but I’m honestly not sure where we’ll be at midseason.”

NIKITA airs Fridays at 8PM on the CW and stars Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Standford, Melinda Clarke and Zander Berkeley. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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