Exit Interview: Stacey Powell Talks SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC

Continuing last season’s tradition that saw theTVaddict.com lucky enough to be given the opportunity to interview SURVIVOR cast-aways after they’ve been booted off the island comes our second interview of the new season from SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC, Stacey Powell.

According to your Bio, you’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning.
Stacey Powell: Vecepia was, well you know, I got to be honest, she was a black woman and she won. The stereotype is always that we’re out there popping, finger snapping and it’s not like that. Vecepia was just there, being quiet, and how she got through which was amazing.

What was it that gave you the impetus to actually audition for the show?
Believe it or not I shocked myself, the advertisement came on and I just went. Honestly, it was at a dealership, I was the very first person there and I could not believe it. I didn’t sleep outside overnight or anything and I was like, “Where is everybody?” When I got called I was shocked, not thinking that it was actually really true and it was.

What do you think it was about your audition that caught the Producer’s eye?
You know what, I get that question a lot and I don’t even remember what I said. That said, I am a survivor because of my siblings, I’m one in a family of 13, 8 of whom are on dialysis. I do remember me saying that. I live for my family.

What surprised you most about the actual game?
The social game, that is the really really shocking surprising thing because I talk to so many people and consider myself a social person, but even so, when you get on that island in the closed confined place it’s a challenge. And once you get that moment of opportunity to form an alliance you better get to it.

Were you pleased with how your “character” was edited on screen?
I was but I didn’t like the way I looked. I felt that I looked like the meanest person! i mean my facial expressions, that part I wasn’t pleased with, but you know what, when they mess up a bee’s nest the queen come out and I came out and started stinging. You’re not going to mess with me.

How familiar were you with Coach prior to the game?
I didn’t know Coach at first, but my thing was they gotta go! They’ve been here before, we haven’t, we all saw what Rob did last season!

Looking back on your time on the island what are you most proud of?
Me personally, was that I did it and it was the most amazing journey that I ever went on. Such an eye-opener and really made me more appreciative of whatever we have or don’t have in the United States. Be thankful because with the way we had to live, we had nothing.

Another interesting thing about you, at least according to your bio, is that you’re a big fan of BBQ. That being said, what did you think of last week’s pig-eating challenge?
[Laughs] I would have eaten that pig because I’m a southern girl but you know what, I don’ t know if you guys know that I have braces in my mouth and oh-my-God I’d still be stuck at that bowl trying to pull the meat out of these wires! I would have broken brackets, everything.

And finally, if given the opportunity, what other reality shows would you like to get a chance to compete on?

SURVIVOR airs Wednesday at 8PM on CBS (Global TV in Canada)

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  • Anonymous

    I cannot understand why anyone watches this reality nonsense anymore.  There are so many other quality scripted options.  

  • Anonymous

    I’d pick this over any of the 15 CIS shows, the 30 Law and Order clones, Grey’s and the other Shonda clones, all the little shows with Liar in the title on the off-networks, and anything starring Alec Baldwin.
    Dawn FTW!