Is Michael and Nikita’s Relationship in Trouble? NIKITA Star Shane West Answers All in Our Exclusive Video

In an exclusive interview with, Shane West shared what he sees in Michael’s future, whether Nikita and Michael’s romance will stand the test of time, and if it’s possible that one day Michael will be running Division.
As if that were not enough, there is a lot going on with the conflicted, former Division agent whose life is about to get more complicated by the reemergence of an old flame. In the upcoming episode “Looking Glass,” Michael and Nikita’s paths cross with Cassandra, a mystery woman who Michael briefly dated years before.  This may be a speed-bump or a road-block on the road to happiness, but only one thing is for sure – whatever conflicts or shocking surprises arise, Michael and Nikita are irrevocably drawn to each other and they will tenaciously fight for their relationship.
Shane also felt confident that Michael’s choice to join Nikita in her fight to take down Division is one he will see through to the bitter end.  Michael may have been a Division pawn for the better part of a decade, but now that Percy is safely tucked away in his glass cage, Michael feels empowered to take on the company that nearly destroyed his life.  Shane felt that even with Amanda in control and running things, that Division has not abandoned its evil deeds.   Division is not on a path of redemption; instead, it is in damage-control mode and continues to plot only in its own self-interest.  So long as Division is run by those who only seek to further their own agenda and not serve the public interest, it is the “evil empire” that needs to be brought down. 
Adding a wild-card element, Alex’s tenuous agreement to work with Division to reinstate her in control of her father’s company does not really align her with either Michael and Nikita, or Division.  However, as seen in last week’s episode, Ari Tasarov, head of GOGOL, discovered Alex’s true identity and promptly told Semak, the man who took control of Zetrov after killing Alex’s father.  Alex may think she can walk the fine line between helping Michael and Nikita and working with Division, but with a bulls-eye painted on her back, she is likely to find the only thing on her mind is saving her own skin.  Whether it is Amanda, Percy, Shawn (the new guy from Oversight) or Nikita who ultimately saves Alex that may be the pivot point in securing Alex’s allegiance.
Oh, and before you think Percy is out of the game, just you wait.  Percy did not run Division for decades without having a contingency plan in case he was captured or comprised.  That television set with the encrypted messages for his eyes-only are not his only means of tracking the outside world’s activities.
Life for our heroes in NIKITA is about to get a lot more complicated and a lot more dangerous. 
To hear from Shane about what he sees ahead, be sure to check out this video:

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  • How exciting! I love hearing that coming episodes of Nikita are going to have unexpected plotlines, nobody likes a predictable show. Nikita is my new favorite show and I watch it on my phone whenever I get a break at work for DISH. Maggie Q is legendary; I wish I could meet her!