Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with Vik Sahay Who Reveals The ‘Killer’ Way He’d Like to see CHUCK End!

Attention CHUCK fans, this is it. After four seasons of fiercely fighting to keep your show on the air, tonight marks the beginning of the end. Yet rather than wallow in sadness for what could have been, we here at wanted to celebrate what was. Which is precisely why, on the eve of this evening’s fifth and final season premiere, your very own TV Addict had the pleasure of catching up with Vik Sahay, who was only too happy to reflect on his time playing Lester, how much he’ll miss the character, and the surprising way in which he’d like to see the series say goodbye.

Heading into this final season is there something nice about knowing that you guys have control of your own destiny. No more season spent on the bubble, this is it!
Vik Sahay: What’s nice about it is that I’m free of these guys [Jokingly points to co-stars Scott Krinsky and Joshua Gomez who are on hand to talk CHUCK at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour]. What’s nice about it honestly is that it would be way worse if we were in our seventh, eight, ninth or tenth season and have the rug pulled out from under us. Despite the fact that I think we have another couple of seasons in us, we get to write an ending, properly close each story arc and go out with a bang, so you got to be grateful.

Having spent the last four years playing Lester, is there a tiny part of you that is excited for the opportunity to get to explore other characters?
I don’t know if excited is the word, but I’ve always been a guy who has enjoyed playing different characters. I’ve said this before, I’m maybe not the most suited to be on a TV series. My style is to immerse in roles, disappear and you can’t do that on a TV series. That being said, this show has been this amazing amalgam of playing this insane character, deepening and deepening and deepening him. I’m excited to explore other things but I will betray myself by weeping openly when the last day of shooting actually comes.

Character wise, what would you like to see Lester accomplish this season?
I want Lester to go out in a glorious slow motion death akin to Willem Dafoe’s character at the end of Platoon. That’s what I want. Honestly, Lester is a broken dying guy and he needs some kind of release from his life and at this point that’s the only way for it to happen.

What are you going to takeaway from the whole CHUCK experience as a whole?
In terms of behind the camera, the friendships, the hanging out and this cast that can bounce of each other. To me it’s all about the casting, always, whatever project I’m on and this cast can bounce off each other like nobody’s business. The chemistry, the alchemy, whatever happened, whomever made the final decisions — I’ve done a lot of other ensemble work and they’re all amazing — but this cast is so electric and wild I don’t know if i’ll ever find that again. In terms of character, well I think the Jeffster stuff, the singing has been, well, I’ve gotten to explore a side of Lester and a side of myself i guess that I may never get to explore again. You’re not just playing this guy, but you’re also this guy who has these desires, this wish, that thing that is so outside of who I am normally in every aspect. It’s been a helluva mountain to climb, being in the studio working on music in the style of lester, but I think that will be the big takeaway.

Is it safe to assume that Jeffster! has one more musical performance in them and how would you like to see CHUCK end?
I don’t know for a fact, but I think we’re going to shake the God Damn Stadium Down. As for how the show should end, I don’t know. Will it be like an ending where we pull back and let their lives just continue like the ending of some series, or should we have an ending that really ends something? I really don’t know. Maybe it should be an ending like THE KILLING, where it doesn’t end and people hate us. Everybody hated it, but I loved the ending of THE SOPRANOS, I loved the ending of LOST and actually — even though I just made fun of it — I loved this seasons ending of THE KILLING. I’m sorry, I admire that kind of boldness.

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