Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things We’ve Missed As a Result of #Snoctober

Thanks to an unexpected snowstorm hitting New Jersey on Saturday — and the resulting downed power lines — I’ve been without electricity for the past four days. And that means no television. And that means I am extremely depressed. Why? Because of the things I’ve missed as a result.

Episode 2 of ONCE UPON A TIME
For most people, it’s been a week since the incredible pilot aired. Seven days can feel like forever when you’re stoked about a new series. But for folks like me, who actually viewed the pilot months ago, it’s felt like an eternity since I last visited Storybrooke. And now, it’s going to be even longer…

The Muppets guesting on Monday Night Raw
When I first heard about this a while back, my head virtually exploded at the notion of Miss Piggy occupying the same world as Randy Orton, Triple H and my beloved C.M. Punk. When finally the big night arrived, I was left staring at a blank screen and weeping gently at what might have been. 

Fright Fest 2011
In my household, Halloween is the highest of (un)holy days. So you can imagine my horror when last night, we were forced to huddle around a smallish screen to watch tiny little versions of Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman fighting off The Strangers… only to have the battery die 20 minutes before the end. 

Whatever We Are Now Occupying
Anyone who knows me knows that I live for stuff like THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW and THE LAST WORD. For days now, I’ve been clueless as to what pithy thing Rachel has said about the race for the GOP presidential nomination or the wildly amusing battle of egos that has been waged by Lawrence O’Donnell and Donald Trump. 

Crisis In Kardashianland
I can only assume that every network has given major coverage to the end of Kim Kardashian’s highly-publicized, not-at-all-staged-for-publicity wedding. I’m sure that on their home planet, E!, Ryan Seacrest is wondering if she’ll ever find love again and hosting auditions speed-dating events in the hope of helping heal her broken heart.

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